CJNG: Shootings, blockades and burning of vehicles on the Mexico-Guadalajara highway 


Residents, motorists and authorities reported several clashes between antagonistic groups of organized crime in the municipalities of Zinapécuaro and Álvaro Obregón, Michoacán, of which the balance is still unknown. 

The security areas indicated that the shooting clashes occurred on the Morelia-Guadalajara Highway, at the height of the Álvaro Obregón booth. 

At this point, the criminals set fire to a vehicle few meters before reaching the toll booth, where they also crossed a cargo truck. 

The criminal cells also clashed in a gun fight on the same toll road, but near the community of Las Peñas, in the municipality of Zinapécuaro. 

Likewise, on the free highway Queréndaro-Ciudad Hidalgo, near the town of Huajúmbaro and, in the town of La Purísima, in Zinapécuaro, where another car was burned. 

In addition, in Ojo de Cuervo, in the same municipality located in the transition of the Morelia and Oriente regions. 

In addition to the panic, the blockades, the burning of cars and the criminal offensives, caused kilometric lines of motorists. 

Civil Guard personnel and federal forces mobilized to the areas of the clashes and reported that they found no dead or injured people. 

The intelligence areas confirmed that the shooting clashes this morning were between the criminal cell “Los Correa”, allied with the New Generation Cartel, against José or Alan Martínez Durán “El Primo” and/or “El Comandante X”, lieutenant in Zinapécuaro and former head of the CNG plaza in that area of the entity. 

War between antagonistic groups 

In April of this year, the criminal landscape in that region of the East changed, after the breakup of José or Alan Martínez Durán “El Primo” and/or “El Comandante X” and his former subordinate William Edwin Rivera Padilla, ” El Barbas” and/or “El Águila”. 

In addition to the fact that the criminal group Los Correa allied with “El Barbas”, with whom they sustained almost three years of war, attacks and murders. 

Among the homicides that this antagonism left behind is that of the younger brother of that Correa family, originally from the municipality of Ciudad Hidalgo, who was beheaded. 

The security sources consulted hold the criminal group of William Edwin Rivera Padilla responsible for attacks against the population and against the authorities. 

On March 22, personnel from the Mexican Army, personnel from the Civil Guard (GC), the Ministry of Public Security (SSP), the Army, and the National Guard (GN) were ambushed by the criminal group “El Barbas”, in the municipality of Zitácuaro. 

At the scene, a member of the GC and another member of the GN were injured; but when responding to the attack, the authorities killed two criminals and secured weapons. 

Days later, in the town of Copándaro, in the same municipality, the Municipal Police, the Civil Guard and the National Guard were again ambushed. 

Now, it was the members of the La Familia Michoacana cartel, who perpetrated that attack, which was responded by the authorities and left two policemen injured. 

All this occurs in the municipalities where Michoacán converges, with the State of Mexico and with Guerrero. 

On the border of the Morelia and Oriente regions, the affront between internal CNG groups headed by “El Primo” and “El Barbas” has intensified. 

Reports indicate that while “El Primo” made an alliance with the United Cartels (Viagras, Knights Templar and other independent cells), “El Barbas” continues to be supported by Los Correa, which has made the battlefield bloodier. 

 Source: Informador