LGBTIQ activist who disappeared in Puerto Vallarta found lifeless


The last time Rubén Castro was seen alive was at the Puerto Vallarta Pride March. Ten days later, his body was found.

Rubén Castro, an activist from the LGBTIQ community in Puerto Vallarta, was reported missing since May 26, after he was last seen attending a Pride March held in that municipality.

However, it was the organization Movimiento por la Igualdad en México (MOVII) that reported on the location of his lifeless body after finding a body, next to his home, which presents physical characteristics that match those of Ruben.

“We regret to inform that Bacilia Guizar Contreras, mother of Michel Castro Guizar, and Juan, Michel’s partner, have seen the photographs of the body found that day. With deep pain, they recognized the physical features, particular signs and clothing that match Michel’s,” Movii notified through its official social networks.

According to the organization, the photographs that they showed their relatives revealed “precise details that match the teeth, fingers and toes, and reveal a decomposing face with a possible deep wound.” According to preliminary information, the body of Rubén Michel was located this Monday on a farm next to the apartment where he lived, in the 12 de Octubre neighborhood of Puerto Vallarta.

The discovery occurs 10 days after the last time he was seen after attending the aforementioned march. “This evidence increases the concern and urgency of an immediate response from the Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office. We demand that the facts be clarified and that justice be done for Michel and his family,” Movii said.

So far, the State Prosecutor’s Office has not issued any position in this regard, despite having been asked for information on the case. In addition to being an activist, Rubén Castro, 32, accompanied people in learning the Mexican Sign Language.

Source: Informador