Closed avenue in Vallarta caused tourists walk to avoid missing flights


A few days before the Easter holidays begin and Puerto Vallarta filled with tourists, the beach destination is submerged in road chaos, due to demonstrations against Responsible Vehicle Verification 2023, a program of the Government of Jalisco; and it affects tourists who seek not to miss their flights and the general population, given the difficulties to travel to their workplaces.

This Friday, March 31, various media outlets in Puerto Vallarta reported two citizen demonstrations against the Responsible Vehicle Verification program, promoted by the governor of Jalisco, one in the vicinity of the Verification Center, near the Bus Station, by Las Palmas avenue; and another one in the esplanade of the parking lot of a commercial store; both on Francisco Medina Ascencio avenue, one of the main ones, which connects the center of the tourist destination, with the Riviera Narayit and which leads to the airport.

In the images, shared by users of social networks, the tourists themselves can be seen pulling their suitcases to get to the air terminal to not to miss their flights. In other photographs, you can see how police patrols and municipal transit collaborate in the transfer of visitors.

However, tourists are not the only ones affected. Also, the people who live in Puerto Vallarta waiting to board the transport that takes them to their places of work, suffer from the traffic chaos that is caused in the area, near the military zone, due to the closures. due to protests.

Long lines of vehicles can be seen on the avenue, which causes discomfort among drivers, passers-by, and residents of Puerto Vallarta. In the direction from Bucerías to Puerto Vallarta, the line of vehicles reaches before the town of Mezcales.

Vehicular traffic is being diverted through alternate routes, with the help of transit elements, to relieve the load.

The complainants request the presence of the municipal president of Puerto Vallarta, Luis Alberto Michel Rodríguez or an official of the Government of Jalisco, so that their demands can be addressed.

Source: El Informador