Mandatory English lessons for Tourist Police officers in Puerto Vallarta


During last Friday’s Building Finance Commission work session, led by Puerto Vallarta Mayor Professor Luis Alberto Michel Rodríguez, who is also the president of the delegation, a proposal to provide free and mandatory English language classes to tourist police officers, and other public servants who are in direct contact with foreign citizens and tourists, was approved by a simple majority.

Another ruling that authorizes providing financial support to community educators who participate in the Alternatives program and the National Council for Educational Promotion (CONAFE) was also approved.

This session was held in collaboration with the Building Commissions for Education, Innovation, Science, and Technology; Public Safety and Transit, and the Tourism and Economic Development departments, whose members gave the green light to the training of public servants. The Tourism and Economic Development Directorate of the Municipality said that they have already made some progress and that the first group of officials can start their courses in March.

Professor Michel said that having police officers and other personnel that directly interact with foreign citizens speak another language (such as English) is an asset and that the investment that could be made in this matter is minimal compared to the utility that it will have when public servants can guide people and disseminate information in our city.

The person in charge of the Directorate of Tourism, Christian Preciado Cázares, and the head of Business Development, Martha Ibarra, explained that there is an agreement with IDEFT Jalisco, for which this preparation in touristic conversational English will have curricular accreditation and recognition before the Ministry of Education.

For this, there is a training classroom that, thanks to the collaboration of some companies, has furniture, a computer, and a projector ready to begin the classes, which will be starting with 15 elements already selected by the Citizen Security Directorate, and funded by resources from the Directorate of Tourism. The course will consist of 50 hours and will be taught in 2 weekly sessions. The municipal dependency also seeks to certify the police officers in attendance to tourism.

At the request of the councilors, the establishment of an agreement with CECATI 63 is being analyzed to provide said training to municipal workers.

Another of the topics approved in the session is the opinion through which it is authorized to provide economic support for community educators who provide their services at the preschool, primary, and secondary levels, in communities in the rural area of Puerto Vallarta.

These are 7 educators who will receive financial support of 3,000 pesos per month per person. Both opinions must be presented in a session of the City Council for final approval by the plenary.

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