German passenger from a cruise ship falls over the board, Navy rescues him


The 66-year-old German was taken to the Naval Hospital for evaluation before being returned aboard the MSC Poesia

The Secretary of the Navy in the exercise of the National Maritime Authority, through the Mexican Navy acting as Coast Guard, informs that yesterday through the Twelfth Naval Zone, personnel from this Institution rescued a person of foreign origin, after falling into the water.

The rescue was carried out after receiving a distress call made by the pilot of the cruise ship “MSC POESÍA”, reporting that a 66-year-old male passenger of German nationality had fallen into the water near the landfall buoy.

Immediately with the support of a Defender-type vessel from the Naval Search, Rescue and Maritime Surveillance Station (ENSAR) Vallarta, the German man was transferred to facilities in the Twelfth Naval Zone, where Naval Health personnel carried out a medical evaluation, providing support at the Hospital Puerto Vallarta Navy.

Similarly, UNAPROP-101 established contact with an agent from the tourist ship, to inform them of the incident and initiate actions for the safe transfer of the rescued person back to the ship.

Based on the above, for emergency care at sea, the Twelfth Naval Zone makes available to the public the telephone number: 322 224 2352; the Puerto Vallarta Search and Rescue Station number 322 22 11 123, VHF Channels 13 and 16; and the Secretary of the Navy shares the following contact number: 800 6274621 (800 MARINA 1).

Source: Contra Linea