Funeral in Jalisco; three young women murdered in Zacatecas


Relatives, friends, and inhabitants accompanied the funeral procession of the three young women to the Tenamaxtle Sports Unit, in Jalisco, where the funeral service will take place.

Dozens of inhabitants of Colotlán, Jalisco, made human fences in the main streets of this town to receive the bodies of the young Daniela and Viviana Márquez Pichardo, and Irma Paola Vargas Montoya, who disappeared on December 25, in the Víboras community , from the municipality of Tepetongo, Zacatecas, whose bodies were located on last Thursday, very close to the place where the truck where they were traveling was located.

Relatives, friends, and neighbors accompanied the funeral procession to the Tenamaxtle Sports Unit, where the bodies of the three young women are veiled. Daniel Márquez, father of the murdered sisters, described as agony not knowing the whereabouts of a missing relative.

We are going to start the funeral service, if God gives us permission, tomorrow all Saturday and Sunday at 1:30 there will be their mass to give them a Christian burial. I pray for all the people who have lost a family member or who have not been able to locate them, it is sad, it is an agony not knowing where they are, you do not wish these problems on anyone, it is very difficult.

In the main square of Colotlán, residents lit candles, placed flowers, photos and prayed for the victims, while Mr. Daniel Márquez shared that the entire town is shocked by these homicides.

They were very happy girls, very good girls, I have a great memory, since we spent Christmas with them. The entire town is dismayed, sad, the pain is felt, the anguish of the entire municipality was well known, that the authorities continue with the investigations to really know who is doing this type of evil.

Before arriving in Colotlán, Jalisco, the bodies of the three young women were transferred to a funeral home in the capital of Zacatecas, where friends and family members arrived. Later the bodies were transferred to their place of origin.

On the Tepetongo exit, in Zacatecas, towards federal highway 23, inhabitants of the area, dressed in white, formed human fences to say goodbye the bodies of the young women. A student said: “I feel bad because I knew them.” Meanwhile, Leticia Rodríguez, a resident of Tepetongo, said: “It is already scary to go out, my daughters are very sad.”

The authorities of both Zacatecas and Jalisco, as well as the federal forces, continue with the operations in the adjoining area to try to locate the criminal cell that could be related to the disappearance and death of the young women.

José Julián Quezada Santoyo, municipal president of Colotlán, Jalisco, reported that he is in coordination with authorities in their investigations. The bodies of the young women will be veiled during this weekend and later buried on Sunday in Colotlán.

Source: Nmas