A private clinic exclusively for the LGBT community opens in Puerto Vallarta


A new clinic offering primary and specialized care to Puerto Vallarta’s LGBT Community will soon open in Zona Romantica. Leading the efforts to establish the clinic is Ed Thomas, who founded the well-known nonprofit HIV community-based clinic SETAC, 13 years ago.

“I’ve been wanting to open a clinic like this for years now,” Thomas said. “This new private clinic offers a wider range of medical and wellness services to our Community than SETAC has been able to, so we can take care of the whole person in an integrated way.”

The new clinic, called Vallarta Gay Clinic (VGC), is located at #379 Lazaro Cardenas street in Zona Romantica. VGC is offering primary care, specialized LGBT care, mental/emotional health care, referrals to local medical specialists, along with a membership discount program. It has its own laboratory and pharmacy, making a follow-up to medical appointments easy and fast.

Dr. Miguel Buenrostro is the new clinic’s medical director and main physician. Dr. Buenrostro is a general practice physician who has specialized in medical issues related to Gay men’s health, especially sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. He will soon complete a medical specialization in geriatric care. Ismael Rossi is the clinic’s chief counselor.

The new clinic’s membership program is one of its main innovations. Available to Mexican citizens and permanent and temporary residents, it will offer significant discounts on regular office visits, medications, exams and blood work for a low annual fee.

Another innovation is the clinic’s emphasis on wellness, not just illness. Clinic personnel will regularly reach out to keep active track of members’ ongoing chronic conditions and other issues, and to remind members of upcoming appointments. And, as soon as possible, a wellness coach and a medical concierge will be hired to round out the active care team. The clinic features a robust network of local medical and health specialists for referrals, when necessary, even to nutritionists and personal trainers.

For those members not originally from Mexico, VGC offers translation services for specialist visits and hospital stays, along with assistance in navigating the often-complex Mexican healthcare system. An international insurance expert will be available to consult individually with members on coverage and policy issues.

“We’ve seen the need for an integrated health and wellness clinic in our Community for several years now, but the pandemic really delayed our plans,” said Thomas. “I’m happy to finally be able to open the doors on this new Vallarta Gay Clinic!”

For more information about this new clinic, call 322-108-2557 or check out the vallartagayclinic.com website.

Source: vallartagayclinic.com

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