Vehicle verification 2023: Will they be able to take my car to the corralón for polluting?

GUADALAJARA, JALISCO 22-AGOSTO-2018.- Taller de verificación vehicular autorizado por la Secretaria de Medio Ambiente (Semades) para cumplir con el programa de afinación controlada en el estado. FOTO: FERNANDO CARRANZA GARCIA / MILENIO DIARIO JALISCO.

The guidelines of the Mandatory Vehicle Verification program of the State of Jalisco have already been published and this is what it says

December 31, the guidelines of the Mandatory Vehicle Verification program of the State of Jalisco, called “Responsible Verification”, of the Ministry of Environment and Territorial Development (Semadet), were published in the Official Newspaper El Estado de Jalisco, which establishes that those Motor vehicles circulating in the State must be subject to verification of polluting emissions of smoke, toxic gases and noise, and have the valid vehicle verification voucher in terms established by the respective program.

Can my car go to the corralón for not having the verification?

In the published document it is emphasized that Article 385 numeral 1 sections III, V and VI of the Law of Mobility, Road Safety and Transportation of the State of Jalisco, establishes as a security measure the withdrawal of vehicles from circulation and placing them under protection in authorized deposits , when:

a) Lacking the necessary requirements to circulate established in the regulations of this Law, or with a current permit, it is used for purposes other than those stipulated in it;

b) The vehicle that, when traveling on public roads, is inspected by the authority that technically determines that its emissions of polluting gases exceed one point five times the permissible limits established in the Official Mexican Standards. “The excess of polluting emissions referred to in this fraction, will be established in the regulations of the vehicle verification program”

c) The vehicle that carries some receipt of the apocryphal vehicle verification program or that does not correspond to the vehicle that carries it.

Which cars should they check?

a) The ones registered or those of permanent stay in the metropolitan areas or metropolitan areas, which are contemplated in the program.

b) The ones registered or those of permanent residence in the municipalities of more than one hundred thousand inhabitants in the State of Jalisco with coverage and vehicle verification centers that are contemplated in the Program.

c) The ones for official use by all public entities in the State, in terms of the regulations and the program; In case of not carrying out the vehicle verification within the period that corresponds to the completion of the license plate.

What happens if I don’t pass the verification?

The owner or possessor of the vehicle who goes to carry out the vehicle verification test and the result is not approving, must submit the vehicle to maintenance, in order to carry out another verification without cost and, if applicable, obtain an approving result within a maximum period of time. thirty calendar days.

What is the Official Verification Calendar?

Termination of plate / Bimester

1 January-February

2 February-March

March-April 3

4 April-May

5 May-June

6 July-August

7 August-September

8 September-October

9 October-November

0 November-December

What is the cost of verification?

The cost of the verification test will remain at 500 pesos, but the penalty for not carrying the current hologram will be much higher. In accordance with the provisions of the Mobility Law, the penalty for the owners of the units that circulate without proof of current verification will receive a fine of between 1,924 and 2,405 pesos.

Source: Informador