Puma, Nike, and The North Face sportswear is of ‘poor quality, says Profeco


After 14 resistance, deterioration, and absorption tests, among others, Profeco determined that there are lower cost and better quality sportswear.

The Federal Consumer Protection Office (Profeco) carried out a study to measure the quality of several brands of sportswear. The results were published in Consumer Magazine, in its October 2022 issue, surprising many. Famous brands such as Puma, Nike, and The North Face were rejected, while other lesser-known ones offer higher quality at a better price.

Profeco explains that, through its laboratory, it evaluated 14 models of quick-drying sports shirts (12 for men, 2 for women). If you exercise, you will know that they are garments whose main objective is to absorb moisture from sweat to keep you comfortable during physical activity.

These models were subjected to 14 different tests to determine their quality:

  • Durability and strength (how much pressure can it withstand before breaking)
  • The deterioration of the garment after washing
  • Dimensional (size) changes after washing
  • Fade resistance
  • The mass and weight of the garment fabric
  • Finishes in fabric and clothing
  • Identification and fiber content
  • Water and moisture absorption levels
  • Capillarity (ability to distribute absorbed water on its surface)
  • Air drying capacity
  • Consumer information
  • size correspondence

What did Profeco find in sports shirts?

The conclusions of the analysis exposed which sportswear brands are of poor quality, despite their reputation and high prices. The entity found that some of these firms use materials that are not very resistant or deficient, that fade with washing and break easily.

The least resistant

They presented breaks when exerting less force in the bursting resistance test.

  • The North Face, modelo NF0A5J87M19
  • Nike, modelo CU5992-010

Your print deteriorates

After 48 washes, its print does not look like new, unlike other models.

  • Puma, model 58639311, made in Mexico
  • Team, model 11125
  • Team Apparel, model 4781
  • Danskin, model G022SA04006

Dimensional changes (when washed it loses its original texture)

  • Under Armor, model 1361469-899. This brand’s t-shirt swelled and lost texture (fuzz) when washed.

They take time to absorb sweat

  • The North Face The North Face, modelo NF0A5J87M19, made en Vietnam
  • Team Apparel, model 4781, made in Mexico

When they get wet with sweat they take time to dry

  • Adidas, model HB7482
  • Team, model 11125
  • Team Apparel, model 4781

They don’t say if they can be squeezed

  • Adidas
  • reebok
  • Soul Trainers

The Asics brand of women’s t-shirts does not say if it can be wrung out, or if it can be washed with soap or detergent. It is also one of the least resistant in bursting tests.

The best quality sportswear brands

In quality, the best rating went to the Starter brand, model G022SD03004, made in China. It is followed by Reebok (model HA1082), Sprint (model 020004) and Dunlop (model 11150).

The shirts that distributed moisture in a short time were:

  • The North Face the back of the shirt, model NF0A5J87M19
  • Starter, modelo G022SD03004
  • Soul Trainers, modelo M12202-0110
  • Reebok, model HA1082

In the category of ‘Very good’ were:

  • Soul Trainers, modelo M12202-0110
  • Nike, modelo CU5992-010
  • The North Face, modelo NF0A5J87M19
  • Puma, model 58639311
  • Adidas, model HB7482
  • Under Armour, modelo 1361469-899

However, the publication highlights that the Nike and The North Face shirts are also the least resistant, the Puma print deteriorates with washing and Adidas is the third one that takes the longest to dry after getting wet with sweat.

“There is one called  Teen Apparel, which has NFL shields and is worth 329 pesos, the shield fades after a few washes. And she came out with less quality, she was the shirt with less quality. You are paying for the shield of the NFL and after a few washes it will not bring it, ”explained Ricardo Sheffield Padillahead of Profeco.

The best relationship between quality and price, according to Profeco

Profeco highlighted that there are lesser-known sports shirts, but with higher quality and better price, compared to some expensive brands.

“Not all of them have the same relationship between cost and quality. There is a shirt called Sprint and it costs 199 pesos, and it came out of excellent quality. While the same shirt, but with the Nike brand, costs 719 pesos, that is, 520 pesos more, and it came out with less quality than Sprint. So, really, in this type of t-shirt, the brand is paid for, and receiving lower quality, ”said the Sheffield attorney.

In relation to price/qualit , the Starter shirt came out the winner again with its excellent rating and a cost of 206 pesos. It is followed by Sprint, 199 pesos, but it releases a lot of dye when washed, something that does not happen with the Starter, explains Profeco. In third place was the Dunlop shirt, 239 pesos.

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