“The king of cash”, the new book against AMLO that accuses him of corruption, political treason, and how he made millions


The journalist Elena Chávez González recounts what she lived closely with AMLO while she was a partner of César Yáñez.

The writer Elena Chávez González has placed herself in the public eye after her most recent book brought to light political betrayals, personal ambitions, infidelities, labor abuses, corruption and authoritarianism in the close circle of current Mexican President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO).

It is “El Rey del Cash”, a text with a prologue by the journalist Anabel Hernández, who details what she perceived during 18 years living closely with the president of Mexico, AMLO, being a partner of the politician César Yáñez, one of the men most appreciated by López Obrador since 2000. She served as his spokesperson when he was head of the Mexico City government and during his presidential campaign, until 2018.

In the form of a chronicle, it recounts the construction of the financial, personal and political environment of the man who has held the presidential chair since 2018, assuring that López Obrador’s greatest love and obsession has always been power.

Chávez González details “how the president’s operators obtained billions of pesos for a long time to pay their boss, and incidentally, they also served themselves with the big spoon .” The purpose of the recount is to understand the emergence and path of the National Regeneration Movement ( Morena ) and the so-called ” Fourth Transformation ” (4T).

The book will be on pre-sale this Saturday, October 1, however, before it was released to the public, it was already crowned the best seller in the Amazon book section.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico (Photo: REUTERS/Henry Romero)Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico (Photo: REUTERS/Henry Romero)

Who is Elena Chavez?

Elena Chávez González is a journalist graduated from the Carlos Septién García school. In the media, she has worked as a reporter for the newspapers Excelsior (1990-1994), unomasuno (1995) and Ovaciones (1998-2000). In addition, she worked in social communication in the Senate of the Republic, in 1996, and in the Ministry of the Interior, in 1997, during the six-year term of Ernesto Zedillo.

From 2001 to 2014, she joined the government of Mexico City, as a public servant during the six-year term of López Obrador and Marcelo Ebrard , as well as for two years with Miguel Ángel Mancera. By 2016, she became a Constituent Deputy of Mexico City, supported by the Party of the Democratic Revolution ( PRD ).

According to the author’s Twitter account, she is also an animal rights activist. For more than 11 years, he created the organization Abandoned Angels in defense of human rights, with which he seeks to “end cruelty against non-human animals and dismantle groups that exploit animals as modus vivendi,” she explains.

Chávez González was married to César Yáñezone of the men closest to López Obrador during his time with the PRD and the Government of Mexico City.

Elena Chávez is also a defender of animals (Photo: Screenshot)Elena Chávez is also a defender of animals (Photo: Screenshot)

Later they separated and Yáñez married the businesswoman Dulce María Silva in Puebla, in a lavish wedding that occurred in the first days of López Obrador ‘s six-year term.

The fact caused the president to remove him from his close team and appoint him General Coordinator of Government Policy, until on June 29, he commissioned him to assume the Undersecretary of Democratic Development, Social Participation and Religious Affairs of the Ministry of the Interior, replacing Rabindranath Salazar.

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