Mexican couple stranded in Switzerland and with a debt of almost four million pesos


A couple from Jalisco traveled to Switzerland on vacation, a week Abigail gave birth prematurely. Her baby was born with heart problems.

Switzerland.- A couple from Guadalajara, Jalisco is stranded in Switzerland, where they made a vacation trip, with a debt of millions of pesos.

They had booked their dream trip to Europe in 2020, but the Covid-19 pandemic forced them to postpone the trip.

“They were vacations that we planned since 2020 but due to the pandemic and the closure of the pandemic they were being postponed until March 2022, and the airline coupon was going to expire,” said Marco Torres.

In order not to lose their money, they traveled at the beginning of March 2022, but Abigail was already pregnant and her doctor confirmed that everything was fine to make the trip.

They had been in Switzerland for a week, when in the Alps they had to go to the emergency hospital. The birth had been brought forward and they were transferred to a hospital in Bern since the baby was barely 7 months pregnant.

But the viacrusis was just beginning there. Little Liam was born with health problems and required hospitalization.

“They had detected a problem in his little heart, but as weeks went by, he had good oxygen development for only 2 days, on the third day they took it away,” explained his father, Marco Torres.

The problem is that the hospital bill keeps going up and it’s unplayable for them.

Abigail Padilla, Liam’s mother, describes the difficult moments they go through: “Stressed, this situation of being there for more than a month is very exhausting, the difficulty of the language, the stress that we don’t know how to pay for. The situation to fly is complicated, being 6 months. What we brought is gone, we are in a shelter, there are many families but do not speak Spanish and struggling “

Why are they still in Switzerland?

In order for Liam to be able to return to Mexico with his parents, they ask them to be in an area ambulance or to spend 6 months so that he can travel on a commercial line.

The hospital already has an account of 3 million 700 thousand Mexican pesos and the air ambulance to return would cost them 2 million 800 thousand pesos.

They are looking for help to pay the bills and be able to return to Guadalajara where they originate.


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