Costa Careyes: nature, wildlife, and world-class travel in one single destination (VIDEO)


Located in the Bay of Banderas, Costa Careyes is a lesser-known paradise with virgin beaches, thick forests, and tons of wildlife. Although developers are just beginning to put up luxury resorts in the surrounding Cabo Corrientes area, Costa Careyes has mostly avoided the mega-construction of many other beach destinations.

Costa Careyes is home to rugged nature and small villages, with little else along this part of the coast, making it the ideal beach destination for travelers who are looking for both an adventurous and peaceful experience. The time to visit is now, as plans to build more infrastructure and resorts are underway and will likely lead to a huge boom in tourism to the area.

The shining star of this area is the Selva de Cuitzmala, which is right in Costa Careyes’s backyard. With its incredible ocean views paired with the picturesque jungle, this is one of the most idyllic places you’ll find in Jalisco. It feels like a world away from the craziness of Puerto Vallarta.

  • Airbnb has a ton of great selections for mid-priced accommodations, like this one-bedroom casita with an ocean view. Another great option is this boutique villa, which includes breakfast and an airport shuttle from Puerto Vallarta.
  • Costa Careyes is about a three-hour drive from the airport in Puerto Vallarta or a one-hour drive from the airport in Manzanillo. You can take a taxi from either of these airports for anywhere between $40 and $200 USD, or you can take public transport. If you decide to do the latter, just ask where the parada de combis is and find the combi going to Costa Careyes. You can let the driver know that you will be stopping there.

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