Locals won’t accept salaries offered in Puerto Vallarta; Tourism sector seeks workers from other states instead


Given the lack of workers who want to work in the tourism sector or who do not accept the salaries offered, some hotels in Puerto Vallarta and the region are advertising in other states such as Chiapas and Guerrero to fill the operational vacancies they have on offer.

Mario Neri Becerril, a member of the Association of Human Resources Executives, with more than 25 years of experience in the field, told CPS Noticias that several companies are importing workers to face the current winter season:


“Companies have had to teach how to produce more with less income and with a smaller number of personnel, because they have to move forward; while the working part has had to sustain family spending without being permanently hired and with benefits”.

Due to this situation, he said, the human resources areas are having difficulty finding candidates who cover, above all, the operational positions in the organization chart.

Mario Neri mentioned that, in his perception, a consequence of the pandemic is that up to 80 percent of workers have become self-employed, and are no longer looking for work in the formal tourism sector. 

“Right now the lack of human resources is more evident in operational positions and middle management. For this reason, some employers have chosen to invest in salaries and wages, social security and added benefits”.

Another aspect of this situation is that experienced personnel are displaced since companies prefer to hire young people or promote middle managers who do not have a long history to avoid paying high salaries.

Mario Neri considered that this trend will continue due to the job options offered by applications and platforms, but changes will surely continue in accordance with the reality of the country. 

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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