Puerto Vallarta expats upset over Cuale river bridge light they donated are stolen


Guy Weeks, a foreign resident in Puerto Vallarta originally from Los Angeles, California, has denounced that, after going through a tedious bureaucratic process before the municipal authorities to donate solar lamps to the Cuale River bridge, they were stolen.

The foreigner, backed by a large number of so-called “expats” and who has organized groups to clean up Cuale Island after Hurricane Nora, spent many days waiting for permission from the City Council to place solar-powered lights on the bridge. static that connects Cuale Island with the residential area where Elizabeth Taylor’s house is.

This was a donation, which the foreigner had wanted to make because in his opinion the island looks very dark at night.

Finally, Guy obtained permission and narrates that he installed the lights on the steps so that at night they could illuminate the passage and prevent someone from falling.

Unfortunately, a week after being placed, they have been stolen by some criminals who found market value in them.

“They only lasted a week. I am so frustrated. The authorities recognized that vigilance is needed here,” Guy Weeks said on social media.

They steal lights donated by foreigners to Cuale River Island

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Source: vallartaenlinea.com

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