WARNING: Municipal Government of Chapala announces cuts in drinking water supply


The demand for drinking water service in neighborhoods of the municipal seat of Chapala continues to be the constant in the complaints presented by users of the Chapala Municipal Drinking Water and Sewerage System (SIMAPA).

This was pointed out by residents of the neighborhoods of the municipal seat, who in recent weeks reported failures in the service and have had to endure at least a couple of months with an irregular service of the vital liquid.

In the case of the neighborhood ” Las Redes “, the problem they report is the pressure in the municipal drinking water network, and therefore it does not go up to water tanks, in some cases, there are neighbors who report that the service does not reach the highlands. .

However, the reports continue to arrive, where the failures in the service are constant, without so far having a real answer, at least to know how much longer this problem will last.

It should be remembered that since the end of 2021 failures were reported in some wells that supply drinking water to neighborhoods in the municipal capital and pipe service was offered, however, when consulting the website www.simapa.gob.mx in the service area to users in the pipe service requirements section is disabled.

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Chapala announces cuts in drinking water supply

From Monday, February 21 until Thursday, February 24 in the morning, the water service will be suspended in the following neighborhoods:

📍Barrio del Carmen
📍Barrio Nuevo
📍La Purísima
📍Av. Madero
📍Barrio Santa Tere
📍Av. González Gallo
📍Raúl Navarro
📍Barrio del Carmen

Well No.2 that supplies water to these neighborhoods has been damaged and fractured due to lack of maintenance since 2017.

Due to the critical state of the pipe, sand and stones have caused the pump motor to collapse, so actions and work are necessary to replace the damaged parts.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause, but it is necessary to guarantee the proper functioning and service of drinking water in the future.

Numbers available so that if you need water, a water truck can come to supply your home with water
☎️ 376 76 5 76 12
☎️ 376 76 5 31 08

Source: lavozdelaribera.mx, simapa.gob.mx

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