Several tax hikes are coming for Jalisco residents in 2022


Both at the federal, state, and municipal levels, 2022 appears with increases in several obligations, including property taxes, vehicles registrations, and other tax obligations

A few days after the end of 2021, next year will be accompanied by increases in various obligations of citizens, mainly in terms of taxes. These levies are from the three levels of government.

In some of the scenarios, the increases will be higher than the inflation registered during this year.

Federal government

In federal matters, the Special Tax on Production and Services (IEPS) will have an increase of 7.36% compared to the 3.3% increase that was applied in 2021.

This will directly impact the prices of soft drinks, cigarettes, and gasoline after the update of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP).

As published in the Official Gazette of the Federation, the quota for flavored drinks will be 1.39 pesos per liter, against 1.30 pesos that were applied in 2021.

Per cigar applicable to worked tobaccos will be 0.54 pesos per unit compared to 0.51 pesos in 2021; while the IEPS for gasoline type Magna will go from 5.1 to 5.49 pesos per liter; for Premium it will rise from 4.31 to 4.63 pesos per liter and for diesel, it will be 6.03 pesos.

In particular, the increase in fuels will also cause an escalation in product costs. For 2021 an inflation of 4.5% was estimated and ended at 7.3%. Banco de México’s estimate for 2022 is originally set at 4%.

It should be noted that within the Tax Miscellany of 2022, the Tax Administration System (SAT) also contemplates the application of more severe sanctions to those who evade their tax responsibilities in time, in addition to those who apply fraudulent practices for tax evasion.

Discounts of various types will be granted to those who pay their obligations in the first months of the year.
Difficult January slope for Jalisco: there are several increases in taxes. Discounts of various types will be granted to those who pay their obligations in the first months of the year. (PHOTO: Publimetro Archive)

State taxes

In the 2022 Income Law, there are tax increases especially in vehicle procedures, rights, and also the controversial increase in Payroll Tax that will rise a percentage for next year. In particular, this tax will be applied to those who have registered workers, that is, around 130 thousand economic units in the entity.

These are some of the increases for 2022:

  • The vehicle registratio (cars and trucks) will go from 688 pesos to 711.
  • The registration of motorcycles will increase from 276 to 285 pesos.
  • The motorist license rises from 766 to 792 pesos.
  • The driver’s license goes from 864 to 893 pesos.
  • The motorcycle license has an increase from 440 pesos to 455 pesos.
  • The renewal of the motorist license goes from 642 to 664 pesos.
  • Renewing the driver’s license ranges from 766 to 792 pesos.
  • The renewal of the motorcycle license will go from 416 to 430 pesos.
  • The PVC circulation card goes from 260 to 269 pesos.
  • Endowment and exchange of private plates will go from 2,010 to 2,078 pesos
  • The annual subscription to the MiBici public bicycle program is from 428 to 443 pesos.
  • Contribution to the Red Cross: 33 pesos
  • Contribution to the cabins household: 28 pesos.
  • Cost of vehicle verification: 500 pesos (unchanged) and 550 when carried out extemporaneously.

Authorities will keep the incentives for prompt payment. During January there would be a 10% discount, in February and March, 5%.

Authorities are calling to avoid crowds at collectors and make online tax payments.
Complicated January slope for Jalisco: there are several tax hikes Authorities are calling to avoid crowds at the collectors and make online tax payments. (PHOTO: Publimetro Archive)

Municipal taxes

In general, the 125 municipalities of Jalisco report increases in their income laws that are around 5% in taxes, fees, and fines. Only 35 municipalities did not present a proposal for property increases.

Tlaquepaque does not propose an increase in the property tax, one of the main sources of income for the municipalities. Other municipalities that will not increase the property tax are Juanacatlán; Acatlán de Juárez; Atotonilco el Alto; Chapala; Jocotepec; among others.

In the case of Guadalajara, Zapopan, Puerto Vallarta, Tequila, and El Salto; they included progressive property rate schemes. In 15 municipalities, the adjustments to the cadastral tables rose more than 15%, but none of those located in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area.

In the same way, the municipalities that are part of the Intermunicipal System of Potable Water and Sewerage Services report a general increase of 6.8% in water rates, however, this may increase from the consumption generated per cubic meter.


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