Finally in Puerto Vallarta locally produced lamb meat


The consumption of sheep meat has shown a considerable increase in Mexico in recent years. Lamb meat has been positioning itself in people’s taste due to its exquisite flavor, its softness, and its nutritional properties, and Rancho “El Triángulo”, a local family business, is generating an excellent product of organic quality whose commercial name is ” Premium Lamb ”produced in Bahía de Banderas.

In the period 1991-2011, national production went from being 27,000 tons per year to 56,215. Nowadays, lamb meat has been positioning itself in the taste of the people due to its exquisite flavor, softness, and nutritional properties. Rancho “El Triángulo” offers a cut and packaged product in Puerto Vallarta, “Cordero Premium” is available to all fans of these delicacies. You just have to ask for it at 322 276 4224


Until 2011, almost 70% of the sheep meat consumed in Mexico came from Austria and New Zealand. Little by little, Mexican producers have successfully entered this market. The largest consumers of sheep meat are the central states of the country, and the most widespread form of consumption is barbecue.

There is also a stream that has been booming and growing in a significant way. It’s all about the fine cuts. This gives this product a great variety of ways of preparation, the elaboration of exquisite dishes has conquered the public’s taste.

In tourist destinations, the consumption of cuts predominates because it is what the foreign visitor knows best and it is an advantage that in Puerto Vallarta ” Premium Lamb ” can already be obtained. Just remember to place your order for special events a week in advance.


The experience expressed by prestigious chefs tells us that the success of a high-quality finished product depends on the raw material, the preparation and the presentation, the age, genetics and nutrition of the animal also influence. The commitment of Rancho “El Triángulo” is to bring the best piece of lamb to the hands of those who cook, which allowed them to show off their talent in culinary art.

From its birth to the end of its lactation period, the lamb is known as “suckling”, this period lasts approximately 2 months and can be extended for 15 more days until it reaches a minimum weight of 25 kg, then it passes to the fattening phase and finalization in the category of ” lamb .”

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After 6 months it passes to the category of ” sheep “, at this age it begins its hormonal activity. This fact causes a characteristic smell in the meat, for this reason, some avoid its consumption and it is precisely for this reason that determines that only lambs are those that go on the market.

Food is relevant. The genetic advantages of a breed are not expressed if the diet is deficient. The content of nutrients in the feed consumed by both lactating females and fattening lambs, stallions, pregnant females and females in recovery postpartum and lactation should be reflected in the production of milk, meat and physical well-being.

There are two sheep production lines: wool sheep and hair sheep. Wool sheep are animals that are not appropriate for hot regions, so hair sheep, which are medium and small in size, adapt very well to hot climates such as this region, and are not seasonal; that is, females have heat every 16 days on average.

After many years of studies, crosses of both production lines have been achieved and new specimens with different genetic characteristics have been obtained, the new breed has notable advantages over its parents.


Increased prolificacy, great ability to gain weight, they are not seasonal.

This selection produces good-sized lambs in less time, with better marbling, as they are young animals, their meat is soft and juicy.

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In addition to its flavor and softness, lamb meat contains:

  • Proteins of high biological value
  • Contains all the essential amino acids that our body requires
  • Vitamins of group B especially BI, B6, and B12 (improve the functioning of the nervous system)
  • High iron content so it is recommended in people suffering from anemia
  • Rich in selenium which favors asthma patients

Due to its high degree of assimilation, it is recommended for the elderly to avoid loss of muscle mass.

  • Rich in phosphorus, calcium and zinc
  • It is the meat with the highest content of threonine (it accelerates the metabolism of fats) and reduces triglycerides and cholesterol.
  • High in omega 3 and omega 6

It is very interesting to combine the pleasure of a delicious dish with the benefit to our body. Orders at 322 276 4224.

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