Exiting Chapala, Jalisco government leaves office in disarray



With no money in the municipal coffers, without vehicles and even the passwords of their social networks, the 2018-2021 administration took the administration, which presumed to have finished its period and to have withdrawn through the “Puerta Grande” after having delivered the public administration of Chapala. 

It was not until three weeks after the new administration began that the Mayor of Chapala, Alejandro de Jesús Aguirre Curiel, reported that the machinery of the state program “A Toda Máquina” composed of three backhoes, three pipes and three other vehicles were found, but They were unable to use them on October 5, when torrential rains affected 150 homes in Ajijic.

The Mayor explained that they did not have the keys due to the expiration of the loan agreement with the Government of the State of Jalisco, so 38 machines were rented and the diesel for the machines that worked voluntarily was paid.

Other vehicles that were had, as was the case of ten Mobility motorcycles, two trucks with capacity for 40 passengers, three vans, plus another ten vehicles were also returned to the State Government because the loan agreement was terminated.

Aguirre Curiel commented in this regard: “they (the outgoing administration) told me that the agreement had expired, but I would have liked them to make me participate to renew it and that they had not taken the vehicles from us.”

The mayor added that he has already started a dialogue with the state authorities, in particular with the Secretary of Administration, Ricardo Rodríguez, so a response is being awaited so that the vehicle fleet can be returned.

On the other hand, Aguirre Curiel confirmed the rumors that had been circulating regarding that in the municipal workshop they had only left a toolbox to which he mentioned: “they left a little boat like ten keys” and added: “the only thing we have are many broken vehicles ”.

The mayor hopes to make some of the broken down vehicles work and recover one that is lost, as he assured that at the moment there is not a single unit for any of the current City Council addresses.  

They also did not leave the passwords

In a press conference, Alejandro finally announced that he had recovered the Facebook account of the Chapala City Council; which had not been delivered by the outgoing Social Communication department.

After the end of the administration headed by Moisés Alejandro Anaya Aguilar, the computers were delivered without programs, lacking passwords, including those of social networks and its website www.chapala.gob.mx according to the new director of Social Communication, Elizabeth Oropeza.  

When asking Oropeza about the matter, he reported that the former director, Felipe Aguilar Montes De Oca, who currently serves as the current director of Social Communication in Jocotepec, argued that the former trustee, Isaac Alberto Trejo Gracián had indicated that he will not deliver them to although they are also part of the municipal patrimony.

Three weeks after the start of the 2021-2024 administration, it was reported that the account of the Facebook page of the City Council and DIF Chapala had already been recovered, but it is still pending to recover the passwords of the Twitter and Instagram account of the City Council, which until At the close of this edition, it is unable to inform the public.

Source: semanariolaguna.com

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