Hurricane Nora threatens Puerto Vallarta Everyone asked to take shelter (video)


“Nora”, converted into a category 1 hurricane, puts the authorities of Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas on alert and they launch an alert call to the general population.

Huracán nora sábado 28 de agosto

The proximity of Hurricane Nora, whose passage off the coast of Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta, keeps the authorities on alert, mainly due to the threat of heavy rains and the imminent possibility of strong winds on our coasts.

In the technical committee meeting held via virtual conference this Saturday urgently at 8 in the morning, the nearby presence of this hydro-meteorological phenomenon and the threat of it on our coasts were alerted, so the protocols of security to keep the population in full safety.

For Puerto Vallarta, the red flag was raised on beaches, with the urgent recommendation to citizens not to approach the coast, in the same way, due to the presence of rains, the recommendation is not to approach the rivers since this can be a risk due to the flash floods.

From this moment on, the temporary shelters are activated, and with this, the tours through the areas at risk of floods and landslides, recommend that citizens be attentive to the passage of Civil Protection units and personnel to receive the correct information and not to do case to fake news so they suggest keeping up with professional media outlets.  

For their part, the personnel of the State Civil Protection Base of the state of Jalisco indicated that they will keep a close watch on the access roads to this city in the face of the possibility of landslides that may cause isolation, so they will maintain a close relationship between authorities To inform it, he also stressed the relevance of the recreational closure of beaches.

The general recommendation is that citizens stay in their homes and if they do not have something very important to do, do not leave home for their safety, but if they do not feel safe, contact the authorities to refer them to one of the more temporary shelters. close.

The municipal president Jorge Quintero pointed out that when activating the temporary shelters, the sanitary regulations will be strictly applied, for which he will request the necessary support from the Eighth Health Jurisdiction so that the protocols are maintained in said shelters and prevent infections by SARS-Cov-2 .

The navigation of boats, in general, will be suspended from this afternoon, in addition, SENEAM foresees the possibility of closing the airport activity at 9:00 p.m. if the conditions are not safe for the aircraft that have scheduled departures and arrivals, which will be reported in your moment.

It is recommended that the population be alert and informed and take shelter in safe places.


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