Guns N ‘Roses concert in Guadalajara is not authorized


The State Government and the Board of Health, determined that at the moment it does not have the necessary measures to prevent coronavirus infections and this and events with a capacity of more than 600 people must be reevaluated

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The concert announced by the Guns N ‘Roses band to take place on October 7 at the Akron Stadium in Zapopan is not authorized for now, as reported by Anna Bárbara Casillas, Jalisco Social Development coordinator.

“We just received the request (for the concert) to the Board of Health and the Board of Health determined that there were no conditions at this time to approve it, so it remains on standby, but it is important to say that at the moment it is not authorized,” he said.

This measure is due to the increase in coronavirus cases in Jalisco, and for which the State Government and the Health Board, took some measures to prevent infections since they detected that leisure and recreation activities are the main focus of the new infections. Among the measures, it was determined to cancel the events with more than 600 people capacity.

For his part, the governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro assured that both the Guns and Roses concert, as well as sporting events and even the International Book Fair, may be held as long as the relevant security conditions exist and for now they will continue to be evaluated.

“The events of more than 600 people more than prohibited are conditioned to the Health Board ruling them, there may be as long as there are security conditions, in this case so far there are no conditions, we will have to evaluate it in the next days, all the requests that arrive, about the start of the football season and I have a pending conversation with FIL to see what will happen, we have to see as we go and that is the status of the issue, “he explained.

On the other hand, they pointed out that expos and commercial activities, in general, are not canceled due to the fact that in this type of event all the corresponding sanitary measures are met.

“It is important to say that in this type of event (concerts, parties) people take off their masks because they are drinking, because they are eating and the meeting we had with businessmen and municipal presidents last week we concentrated precisely on those turns whereby the nature of the business and of the activity the mask is removed at some point, in the case of the Expo and commerce in general, it must be said that it is not necessary for people to use the mask to carry out the activity instead of in a bar, in a party, in a village party if they take it away, ”explained Bárbara Casillas.


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