Puerto Vallarta hotel owner accused of human trafficking


The owner of a hotel in Puerto Vallarta, who was a fugitive, was arrested and linked to proceedings for the crime of human trafficking in its form of sexual exploitation

Estela Margarita “N” was brought to trial for forcing her worker to have sexual relations with foreign guests in exchange for money.

The victim, originally from Guerrero, reported to the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) that, in 2019, when she worked as a chambermaid for Estela Margarita “N”, the owner of the hotel, she was forced to prostitute herself with the guests in exchange for money; the complaint was referred to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The agent of the Public Ministry gathered evidence and testimonies against Estela Margarita, who remained a fugitive.

Upon locating her, she was arrested and made available to the Judge of Control and Orality of District VII in Puerto Vallarta, who decided to link the aforementioned to the process; Furthermore, as a precautionary measure, he must remain in prison for one year.

Source: elvallartense.com.mx, proceso.com.mx

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