The terrain in Jalisco could continue to open; state highway 401 will be closed


The rains could aggravate the cracks up to 19 meters deep that have appeared in Sayula, Jalisco, so the authorities ask to avoid the area

Guadalajara, Jalisco.- Five days after the land has been opened in the municipality of Sayula, in Jalisco, and the cracks have crossed the state highway 401 and several farmlands, the State Civil Protection authorities have determined to close the route to circulation due to the high risk it implies for citizens.

The Geological Scientific Committee of the State Unit for Civil Protection and Firefighters and the University of Guadalajara (UDG) reported this afternoon that this unusual fact is due to ” geological and hydrological factors ” and that with the arrival of the rains it is estimated that cracking in the ground could get worse.

Faced with this situation, experts invite the general population to avoid the area, and motorists who used to take state highway 401 to go from Ciudad Guzmán to Sayula are asked to take alternate routes.

It was last May 10 when the residents informed the authorities that the land was opening up and after a tour of the Civil Protection agents it was determined that the most worrying cracking of the ground extended for a kilometer and 600 meters of distance, although there are others of smaller size.

Likewise, the authorities indicated that the cracks in their deepest part have reached 19 meters below the earth’s surface and the mouth of the sinkhole is about three meters wide.

“This can vary in different cavities in the crack and right now, together with the fact that the rains are beginning, there may be erosion within the same crack”

Víctor Hugo Roldan Guerrero, General Director of the Jalisco State Civil Protection and Firefighters Unit, explained.

This natural phenomenon, in addition to splitting state highway 401 in Jalisco, also caused damage to three avocado and berry farmlands .

During the presentation of the report, before the authorities of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works of Jalisco (SIOP) and the municipality of Sayula, Roldan Guerrero made special emphasis that the movement of the earth in different points could become even more complicated with the arrival of the rainy season.

“The current system of cracks has generated a series of movements in the surface of the land causing damage to the road infrastructure and three agricultural areas … that could even increase their displacement due to the rains”

Highway 401 of Jalisco will remain closed;  rains would aggravate cracks

At the moment, the results of the studies have already been delivered to the SIOP authorities, who will determine if any future investment will be made to re-establish traffic on that road.

“We are going to expand the results with the SIOP, so that they determine which is the best option to be able to rehabilitate the road or reopen it until it is safe, we invite them to take their times or alternate routes”

Roldan Guerrero pointed out.

The report also clarified that it will be the municipal authorities who will be in charge of monitoring the area, as well as implementing preventive actions with the inhabitants of the region so that they avoid traveling or working on the affected lands

It should be noted that, although geological faults could represent a risk, therefore:

“The Government of Jalisco, through the State Unit for Civil Protection and Firefighters, urges citizens not to approach this area and to always keep informed through official channels.”


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