Convicted Canadian murderer Robert Deer now passing himself off as an attorney in Ajijic Lake Chapala


The Alberta Court of Appeal has upheld the sentence for first degree murder in connection with the death of a Calgary businessman in 2006.

Robert Deer, who was first convicted of first-degree murder in the death of Jack Beauchamp, appealed and was granted a new trial along with his accomplice.

Robert Deer is also accused in the death of the Calgary businessman.

In the second trial, Deer was convicted of manslaughter and given a 16-year sentence.

His lawyer argued that the sentence was too high and didn’t factor in Deer’s remorse.

On Thursday morning, the three-judge panel deemed it fit.

Deer has been credited with more than 11 years for time served, so he will be released from prison in 2016.

Recently he has been portraying himself off as an attorney in Ajijic Chapala Jalisco and offering legal services to unsuspecting expats in the area

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