If you are an adult over 60 years old and you live in Zapopan or in one of the 23 municipalities of the North, Tamazula and Autlán Regions, you can now go to receive the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

People over 60 years of age in Puerto Vallarta and 14 municipalities in the Los Altos and La Ciénega Regions will receive the second dose of the biological.

As of this Tuesday, April 6, attention will be given to a total of 39 municipalities; in addition to health personnel. The hours of operation will be from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or until the doses assigned per day are finished.

In Zapopan, the vaccination process will be carried out in alphabetical order , and attention is provided for all letters, so we recommend being patient and going on the day corresponding to the first letter of the paternal surname to guarantee better care. 

In Zapopan this Tuesday, April 6, we started with attention for the letters A, B, C, D, E, and F. 

Requirements to be vaccinated:

  • Accredit with the INE being an adult over 60 years of age.
  • Proof of address that proves that you live in the municipality where you will be vaccinated.
  • Keep the registration folio printed on the page .
  • Get in line and follow the instructions of the health personnel.
  • Upon training you will receive a form which must be presented upon entering.

Remember to comply with these requirements.

The general recommendations for all attendees are: use face masks at all times, respect social distancing, if you take medications, take them with you; not going to get vaccinated if you are sick or have a fever; it is important that you are well hydrated, have breakfast before leaving home and bring a snack

We also recommend wearing comfortable shoes. A person can accompany you if you need help, avoid contact with other people and respect all health protocols and hygiene measures.


The vaccine is contraindicated in the case of:

  • Having suffered from COVID and you have not yet recovered (count 15 days after the last symptom)
  • Live with any type of immunosuppression 
  • If you have severe allergies
  • If you received a blood transfusion, application of blood products, treatment with plasma or antibodies against COVID-19 in the last 3 months. 

Zapopan vaccination points (first dose)

Vaccination pointModalityAddress Cologne
Benito Juárez AuditoriumPedestrian Av. Mariano Barcena S / NAudience
Preparatory 9 of the UdeGPedestrianAv. Dr. Mateo del Regil 9 Ixtépete Gardens
CUCEAPedestrian / Drive ThruNorth Peripheral 799The Nativity scenes
March 3 StadiumPedestrian / Drive ThruPatria Avenue 1201UAG
Akron StadiumDrive thruJVC 2800 CircuitThe Bajio

Vaccination points North Region (first dose)

MunicipalityVaccination pointAddress 
BolañosMunicipal auditoriumPalace 5
ChimaltitánMunicipal Auditorium Valentín Gómez FaríasMorelos S / N
HuejúcarMunicipal auditoriumHidalgo 24
Mezquitic Brigades to the Sierra Itinerant
San Martin de BolañosCanchita del Barrio BlancoPascual Barrera S / N
Saint Mary of the AngelsMunicipal auditoriumAntonio Velarde 3
TotaticheClinicCentennial 1
Villa GuerreroClinicRamon Corona 100

Tamazula Region Vaccination Points (first dose)

MunicipalityVaccination pointAddress 
Conception of Buenos AiresMunicipal auditoriumVallarta 8, Colonia Centro
The Chamomile of PeaceHouse of CultureCerro de la Española S / N
Mazamitla Community HospitalInterstate Highway 414 
PihuamoChamizal domeEscobedo S / N 
QuitupanEjidal HouseFreedom 12
Santa Maria del OroEvents room Ramón Corona S / N
TecalitlánAuditorium DIF Cut throat 75-B

Autlán Region Vaccination Points (first dose)

MunicipalityVaccination pointAddress 
AyutlaSports Unit “Ayotl”Av. Juárez S / N
Casimiro CastilloHouse of CultureChildren Heroes Y / N 
ChiquilistlánHouse of CultureReform 5-A
Cuautitlán de García BarragánMeeting rooms of the Livestock AssociationGarcía Barragán 57, one block from the municipal garden
The HuertaVicente Guerrero High SchoolVicente Guerrero 50
TecolotlanAuditorium of the Mixed Secondary School Foranea # 16 Libertad 13, Colonia Centro
TuxcacuescoHouse of CultureJuarez 20
Tula UnionDome of the Benito Juárez SchoolAv. México Norte 265, Colonia Paso Prieto

Ciénega Region Vaccination Points (second dose)

MunicipalityVaccination pointAddress 
JamayJamay Health Center Calle 5 de Mayo 204
PoncitlanPoncitlán Health CenterSanta Maria 210
PoncitlanCuitzeo Health CenterPino Suarez 41
PoncitlanMezcala Health CenterEncarnacion Rosas 48

Vaccination Points Los Altos Region (second dose)

Ojuelos of Jalisco Matancillas Health CenterLazaro Cardenas S / N
Ojuelos of JaliscoLa Presa Health CenterKindergarten S / N
Ojuelos of JaliscoOjuelos Community HospitalAllende 110 
San Diego of AlexandriaHouse of Culture Calle 5 de Mayo 202, Colonia Centro 
Union of San Antonio House of CultureRoad to Lagos de Moreno
Villa HidalgoVilla Hidalgo Health CenterAvenida Hospital 16, Exit to San Juanico 
Cañadas de ObregónCañadas de Obregón Health CenterJ. Isabel Valdivia 33, Cañadas de Obregón
MexticacanMexticacán Health CenterHidalgo 251-A
San Ignacio Cerro GordoSan Ignacio Cerro Gordo Health CenterPrudenciano Patiño 48
Saint julianSan Julián Health CenterRio Bravo Circuit 573
San Miguel El AltoSan Miguel El Alto Health CenterMartina Ramirez 70
Tepatitlán de MorelosHidalgo Comude ComplexGonzalez Hermosillo 10 
Tepatitlán de MorelosCapilla de Guadalupe Health Center Calle 5 de Mayo, Chapel of Guadalupe
Tepatitlán de MorelosPegueros House of CulturePrivate Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz S / N 
Tepatitlán de MorelosSan José de Gracia Auditorium Josefa Ortíz de Domínguez 175  
Tepatitlán de MorelosMorelos Auditorium Morelos 330 
Guadalupe Valley Valle de Guadalupe Health Center Walnut 185
ArandasEl Rosario Health CenterSanta Maria de Los Arandas 180

Puerto Vallarta Vaccination Points (second dose)

Vallarta Naval HospitalEducation Street, Colonia Isla Iguana. 
Vallarta Convention CenterCalle Villa Las Flores 505, Colonia Villa Las Flores  
Vallarta University Center of La CostaUniversidad de Guadalajara 203 Avenue, Ixtapa Delegation
Vallarta Dome IxtapaCalle Valentín Gómez Farías 207, Downtown Ixtapa
Vallarta Remance Health CenterCalle Rivera del Río 200, Romantic Zone El Remance
Vallarta High Performance Center ComudeCalle Genaro Padilla S / N, Colonia El Calvario
Vallarta Sandpaper Sports CourtCalle Guatemala 1000, Colonia Lomas del Calvario


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