Jalisco is a national leader in formal job creation


During the period of economic reactivation, the State has contributed 13.2% of the jobs recovered throughout the country

In six months, Jalisco has generated a total of 58 thousand 98 new formal jobs, which is positioned as the first national place in the creation of job sources.

Jalisco líder en México en creación de empleos « REDTNJalisco

From August 2020 to February 2021, the period of economic reactivation, the State has contributed 13.2% of the jobs recovered throughout the country, the State Government reported in a statement.

Likewise, it registers a recovery rate of 3.3%, above the national one, which stands at 2.3%.

Jalisco, which is consolidated as the entity with the highest generation of formal jobs in said period, is followed by Nuevo León with 52 thousand 478 and Sinaloa in third place with 51 thousand 397.

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“The economic recovery strategies in Jalisco are giving results in a resounding way. We are number one at the national level, that is to say, what we are doing, we are doing it well, thanks to the teamwork of the productive sector, together with us, ”said Ernesto Sánchez Proal, head of the Ministry of Economic Development

In February, the State managed to generate 13,611 new formal positions, the third-highest for a February of the entire historical series, which represents 11.8% of the national total.

Es Jalisco líder en generación de empleos formales a nivel nacional durante  febrero

With last month’s figures, Jalisco is placed in second place nationally, below Sonora, while Mexico City is the only entity that lost formal employment when registering a variation of less than 987 insured workers.

Source: informador.mx

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