Possible opening of clubs and bars for New Years in Puerto Vallarta


Sergio Orozco Rodríguez, representative of the Malecón Associations with the Puerto Vallarta City Council and Susana Rodríguez Mejía, Director of Beach Tourism, exclusively reported to Tribuna de la Bahía and CPS Noticias, which are being negotiated with the State Government to that the clubs and bars can operate from December 29 to 31 only. 

These steps have allowed that at this time it is authorized that restaurants with bar service can open until 2 in the morning. However, the ban on the opening of clubs and bars is still in force

Since the destination lives off tourism and these sectors have been affected because according to the State Government they cannot operate from December 25 to January 10.

The negotiations are going well and possibly they will be able to open to celebrate the new year. Affirmed one of the consulted sources.

“It has been seen that many parties that were scheduled to take place in Vallarta are being held in Nuevo Vallarta and this represents losses for the destination and many workers have been harmed by the closure,” said Orozco Rodríguez.

So the green light is being awaited by the State Government for these transfers to recover lost sales.

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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