The real reason why Tesla will not be established in Mexico


In May of this year it was announced that the automotive company, Tesla, ruled out Mexico as a location for the construction of its next assembly plant.

The Secretary of Economic Development of Jalisco, Ernesto Sánchez would comment to Reforma that Tesla had decided not to build a plant in that state due to AMLO energy political controversy in Mexico, a source familiar with the matter contacted the Xataca México media outlet in order to deny said position.

According to a source familiar with said media, “Tesla’s decision to select Austin, TX as the location for its next factory, was not related at all to any policy or situation in Mexico.”

There is still a possibility that the electric vehicle company at some point has had a dialogue with Jalisco about the construction of the plant, obviously, there is a relationship between company and state since chargers for the brand’s automobiles were recently established in the location, however, following what was mentioned from the source, “if there was a conversation, there was never a deep approach because there was no talk with the federal government.”

Enrique Alfaro, governor of Jalisco, announced on his Twitter account that “although Tesla had the intention of installing an entire plant in Jalisco, which would generate thousands of jobs, federal clean energy policies made it unfeasible, but its eyes are still on our state and yesterday they inaugurated the first fast-charging station in Tepatitlán ”.

 Image: @EnriqueAlfaroR

“ Tesla already has charging stations in the AMG, but it can charge its electric cars in 20 or 40 minutes and its location in Tepa allows connecting a road trip to Guanajuato and Aguascalientes, as it is already possible to do from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta. CDMX ”, he added in his publication.

 Image: @EnriqueAlfaroR

 Image: @EnriqueAlfaroR

At least officially, there is still no in-depth knowledge on this matter, but it is possible that the electric vehicle company and Jalisco are holding conversations on the subject.


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