Hurricane “Iota”: Governor of Chiapas asks the population to evacuate risk areas


The past rains left 150 thousand 653 people affected, 54 affected municipalities: 28 with an emergency declaration and 26 with corroboration of disaster due to movement of slopes

Through a video, the Governor of Chiapas, Rutilio Escandón Cadenas, recommended that the inhabitants of vulnerable areas leave their homes and go to temporary shelters due to the entrance of Hurricane Iota and the Cold Front 13. 

“We urge the entire population of Chiapas to withdraw from places of risk. Let them stand aside from the proximity of rivers, streams, their banks, and mountains. Because it is going to rain intensely, ”Escandón Cadenas said.

These intense rains once again endanger the communities that have not been evacuated or visited by the authorities after the devastation left by the rains, as the affected people themselves have denounced. 

According to the state government press release, the danger zones are near river beds, streams, and mountains. “We have activated enough shelters throughout the state, which have food, shelter, and care from all institutions to guarantee protection.” 

At the moment 477 families have left their homes, and are in one of the 17 temporary shelters that were set up in the municipalities in the municipalities Juárez, Ixhuatán, Tumbalá, Larrainzar, Pantepec, Tenejapa, Santiago El Pinar, Francisco León, Rayón, and Huitihupán.

Independently, indigenous peoples of the Zoque areas, one of the most affected by the recent rains, have news programs in their native language, to alert the population.

The head of the Civil Protection Secretariat, Jorge Figueroa Córdova, reported that in the last 24 hours “there were significant rains in Palenque, Salto de Agua, Amatán and Pichucalco.” The soil can be softened by the rains, facilitating the detachment of a mass of land on the slopes of the hills or road cuts, he explained.

The official reported the progress in the rehabilitation works in road sections, housing, and educational infrastructure that was damaged by recent rains; as well as in the delivery of humanitarian aid to the 25 thousand 629 affected families.

For its part, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) reported that it is delivering 3,000 mats to the State Secretariat for Civil Protection, for shelters in the municipalities of Chilón and Salto de Agua. Also pantries for 100 families in Salto de Agua.

“UNHCR recognizes that the states of Chiapas and Tabasco are in solidarity with refugees and asylum seekers, since they register more than 75% of all requests for refugee status received in the country, so it is now necessary to join efforts to serve the affected population in those entities, “said the Agency through a statement.

Torrential rains are expected due to the interaction of the Cold Front 13 and hurricane “Iota” in

Torrential rains are expected due to the interaction of the Cold Front 13 and hurricane “Iota” in Mexico

The interaction between the Cold Front 13 and the cloud cover associated with the cloud bands of hurricane “Iota” will cause occasional torrential rains in areas of Veracruz (south and central mountainous area) and Oaxaca (north), as well as strong to intense ones in the southeast of Mexico and in the Yucatan Peninsula.

This was reported by the National Meteorological System in its morning report in which it indicates that due to the rains an increase in the levels of rivers and streams, landslides and floods in low areas is expected.


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