Tourist denounces Cabo San Lucas Hospital for overcharging


Gringo Pricing alive and well in Los Cabos

Extranjero hospitalizado

From an anonymous complaint made to CPS Noticias, it became known of the abuse, which some private hospitals commit by overcharging for unnecessary or non-existent medical services and after a tourist spent a few hours in a hospital near a well-known Catholic church, of the Ejidal colony paid a bill higher than 47 thousand pesos.

The affected person, who is a foreign tourist, requested the intervention of the authorities of the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office since this abuse cannot be occurring.

A video sent to this news outlet by the affected person and who asked not to reveal his identity, briefly narrated what happened, in addition to sending the hospital bills and payment deposits made to settle the large debt, explaining that his condition was a strong dehydration picture. 

Within the video that lasts 53 seconds and is in English, the affected person explains how when they went to the place, hospital staff punctured his veins trying to channel him for a period of half an hour, in the same way, they sent the images of the bruises, in addition, to refer that he was connected to a monitor that was not even turned on and the most delicate payment was higher than $ 2,500 for his account.

They concluded by saying that the period They were hospitalized was from 7 in the morning to 9 at night, so paying more than 40 thousand pesos was an excessive cost.


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