In Jalisco, 19 people have presented a syndemic, coronavirus plus dengue; two already died


The Ministry of Health of Jalisco has notified that in the state 19 people diagnosed with syndemic, coronavirus and dengue have already been diagnosed, and of them two have already lost their lives


In Jalisco, it’s not just concerned only about coronavirus but also dengue and influenza and that the entity already registered 19 cases of syndemic and of these, two have already lost their lives, reported this morning the Ministry of State Health to DEBATE.

In case you did not know, the coronavirus, dengue, and influenza are viruses that a single person could suffer at the same time, which becomes what experts call a syndemic, which is when more than two epidemics attack the same body.

Of the 19 people who received this diagnosis, all have tested positive for dengue and Covid-19 and of them “two died and the other 17 are well and most did not require hospitalization,” the communication area commented to this medium.

In 2019, Jalisco was the national leader in dengue cases and in 2020 it also has a regrettable advantage over other states by adding 3,479 infections and 9 deaths, including the two people with the duel infections.

Until the last report issued yesterday, the Jalisco Health Secretariat reported that during epidemiological week 41, the highest incidence rate of dengue cases is registered in the municipalities of Zapotitlán de Vadillo (810.22), Jocotepec (626.42), Atoyac (467.48 ), Techaluta de Montenegro (420.58), and San Gabriel (376.32).

“The contagions of this disease transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito have occurred in 80 of the 125 municipalities of the state, with the municipality of Jocotepec registering the highest number of confirmed cases, with 300 confirmed”

'Aedes aegypti', el mosquito del Zika

He accentuated the SSJ in his technical report.

In the case of the coronavirus, a pandemic that has been in the state for 7 months, until yesterday 81,362 people were reported infected with the SARS CoV-2 virus and 3,645 fatalities due to this pandemic, with the municipalities of Guadalajara and Zapopan being the most affected, with 1,297 and 440 deaths respectively.

The concern of Jalisco society and even of the health sector personnel increases as the temperatures begin to drop day by day and with it, the contagion of another epidemic becomes more and more probable: influenza, with which, to this day As of today, no case of syndemic has been recorded.

It should be noted that influenza is the only epidemic that can be prevented by means of a vaccine:

“The best thing we can do against the flu is to get vaccinated. Getting vaccinated is not only to protect you in fact, it is to protect the rest. If you get vaccinated and you are a young person, it is so that you do not pass influenza to your grandfather, to your father That they can get complicated “.

Recommended Pedro Martínez Ayala, infectologist of the Covid-19 Unit of the Civil Hospital Fray Antonio Alcalde, of the city of Guadalajara.


To prevent dengue infections, the SJS recommends having good hygiene at home (removing pots, turning bottles and other containers in which water can accumulate, and creating a breeding ground for the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

In addition, the state government still maintains the Vectors and Zoonosis and Patio Limpio brigades with which the transmitting mosquito is fought both in priority colonies of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area and in the interior of the State.

In the case of the coronavirus, the Ministry of Health continues to issue recommendations, of which they stand out wearing face masks (covering mouth and nose) every time you leave home, maintaining a holy distance of at least 1.5 meters between people, constantly washing or disinfecting the hands and avoid touching the face with them, avoid areas with an accumulation of people.

To combat influenza, on October 15, the SSJ notified that the state has 320 thousand doses of vaccine, which will be applied as a priority to vulnerable groups such as girls and boys from 6 to 59 months of age, adults of 60 years and more, pregnant women, health personnel, people from 5 to 59 years of age with uncontrolled diabetes, morbid obesity (BMI greater than 40), respiratory diseases, heart and HIV.

And he even added that more will be supplied soon since the goal is to apply 2 million 336 thousand 658 doses of influenza vaccine among the Jalisco population.

Ask for information and attention
Those who wish to receive more information about these diseases can contact the following telephone numbers:

Dengue: 33 3823 3220 24 hours a day, seven days a week and the Dengue Free App, available for the Android system and for iOS

Influenza: To check the availability of the influenza vaccine in health units, interested parties can call 33 3030 5000 extensions 35206.

Coronavirus: the Jalisco health sector line is 33 38 23 32 20 and the University of Guadalajara telephone line is 33 35 40 30 01, in both you can request information and ask about the application of the PCR test that detects the coronavirus. You can also get information on the website:


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