Jalpan Magic Town announced Virtual Celebration to commemorate 10th Anniversary


The Queretaro state secretary of tourism, Hugo Burgos García, and the municipal president of Jalpan de Serra, Celia Amador Enríquez, announced the activities that will be carried out on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of this municipality as Pueblo Mágico. 

On October 19, 2010, Jalpan de Serra received the appointment of Pueblo Mágico by the Federal Tourism Secretariat. In this regard, Hugo Burgos said that Jalpan has had an important growth in the influx of tourists, as a result of this appointment. 

Municipal president of Jalpan de Serra, Celia Amador Enríquez,and Queretaro state secretary of tourism, Hugo Burgos García

“As soon as it designated “Pueblo Mágico”, the municipality of Jalpan went from receiving 30 thousand tourists each year to about 125 thousand at the end of 2019. The economic spillover generated by tourism in Jalpan last year amounted to just over 642 million pesos. The tourist infrastructure has also multiplied. In 2010 it had 14 accommodation establishments with a total of 285 rooms. At present its number of hotels exceeds 34 and reaches almost 500 rooms, ”he said. 

For her part, the municipal president of Jalpan, Celia Amador, stressed that taking into account the current health situation, virtual activities will be carried out throughout the month of October, through the official social networks of the municipality (Facebook / Jalpan tourism address Magic Town). 

Ana María González Suárez, tourism director of Jalpan de Serra, explained that to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Jalpan as Pueblo Mágico, virtual tours of the main tourist attractions of the municipality, artistic expressions, visits to museums and a sample of gastronomy will be carried out locally. 

Puente de Dios at Jalpan de Serra, Queretaro

“Huapanguero trios will also participate, which are a tradition in Jalpan and the municipality’s tourism service providers, such as tourist guides and operators, hotels and restaurants, will be actively participating,” Celia Amador concluded. 

Source: Noticias de Queretaro

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