San Miguel de Allende, Gto. – A patrol without license plates stopped two Americans who were visiting San Miguel from Puerto Vallarta where they reside, forced them to get off with long weapons, and fled with the vehicle

An American couple was returning to Jalisco via San Miguel Comonfort road early Thursday around 10 a.m. right in front of Viñedos San Miguel.

A patrol stopped them, when the people stopped, the people dressed as police arrived but when they went to show their badge they took out machine guns and told them to get out of their car and took their truck, suitcases all and left them lying there.

The gentlemen saw that the patrol did not bring plates, they invite citizens to take extreme precautions in the area. The theft has already been reported to the Attorney General of the State of Guanajuato.

Imparables, asaltos en carreteras – Expreso

In two months there have been 9 violent car assaults on the San Miguel de Allende-Comonfort highway

In a note published by the newspaper Correo, Nieto Juárez said that the gangs monitor
the passage of the units and when they see one of their objectives they reach them aboard other vehicles and put a vehicle ahead to slow them down and threaten drivers with

According to the Comonfort Public Safety records, at the beginning they stole vans
Pick up of late models, 94 or 2004, and that in the last complaints registered
thefts of sedans, trucks and a Mercedes-Benz car and a Porsche.

On the part of the Municipality of Comonfort, they indicated that they contacted the
Secretariat of Security from where they offered to increase the patrols.

En dos meses se han registrado 9 asaltos de autos con violencia en la carretera  San Miguel de Allende-Comonfort - News San Miguel

The Municipal President considered that this crime for car theft has to do with the increase in crime in the Industrial Corridor and the neighborhood with Celaya.

On December 4, a truck belonging to the Bajío Go company was assaulted. In it were traveling foreign citizens who were stripped of their passports, belongings and the unit.

On November 29, the theft of a truck belonging to a florist who arrived in San Miguel de Allende.

The robbery took place at 7:00 at night, after armed men stripped him of his truck, and since the unit had GPS I know which was taken to a place in Celaya.

AFTER THE ASSAULTS, on December 6, in San Miguel de Allende they reported that also requested support from the State Security Secretariat to increase surveillance of the roads that connect the municipality with Comonfort and Guanajuato capital

Actual Video footage of past attack’s below


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