Huatulco Oaxaca anticipates a successful vacation period in December


Huatulco maintains its reopening in order to benefit the local economy while reinforcing containment measures for next December have a successful holiday season


Santa María Huatulco ranks as one of the municipalities with the highest number of Covid-19 cases in Oaxaca, however, the tourist destination continues with the reopening in order to benefit the local economy, while reinforcing containment measures with the objective that for the next month of December it has a successful holiday season.

According to the mayor Giovanne González García, despite the fact that during the first half of August there was a rebound in Covid-19 cases, in recent days the figure has remained low, which allows the destination to be kept open, although without lowering the guard.

He added that it has been detected that the highest number of infections occurs in visitors who travel by land, the majority, tourists who are only passing through and not among those who arrive at the destination by air.

He explained that the foregoing allows predicting that flights from Canada will remain intact for the month of November, as has happened in each winter season in recent years.

Ideal beaches are in: Bahías de Huatulco

A tourist conscience is the one that exists between the providers of tourist services, both in employers and in operations, all with the same objective: to provide quality services, with the care and protection of health, as well as the environment.

Dorismar: Actress, model, television presenter, and singer begins a new stage, making television programs through her television program on her YouTube channel, which is Dorismar TV, where the playback levels of each of her videos, it is counted by hundreds of thousands of users.

Ideal beaches are in: Bahías de Huatulco

Many times we ask ourselves where to go to have a great time, live unforgettable moments for our life, and pamper ourselves. We recommend Bahías de Huatulco since it is a fantastic place to enjoy with your partner, with friends, or with the whole family. Located on the coasts of Oaxaca, it is positioned as the main tourist destination for its great infrastructure, but also for its 36 beaches that are located in its 9 bays, all with their own charm and where the services that are provided to national tourism and International, are awarded with great awareness of caring for the image in all senses, of this place, so there is commitment and shared responsibility between authorities and the IP, as well as all those involved in the care and services.

In the stage that we are living, known as “the new normal”, since tourism arrives, the authorities remind tourists that they must use the mask at all times, they are welcomed and various recommendations are provided for the good of all.

Safety measures have also been adopted in all companies that provide tourist services, with the application of sanitizing gel, as well as the strict use of a mouth cover or otherwise one is provided. As well as not being more than 4 people at a table and a series of security measures at the diners’ tables, being part of the measures that have been instituted and that will be permanent until this pandemic has been concluded.

The activities that you can carry out are very varied, from simply going to the beach to tan while having a refreshing drink, perhaps eating while trying the delicious and fresh seafood from the catch of the day, with a seasoning that is inherited from other generations and that is conserved and that is improved by the competition that exists permanently and that forces to offer better quality, better flavors, as well as healthy options for people with health problems; currently who has been winning with all this, is the public to have a greater range of options to choose from and the best services.

A fun and entertaining tour is through the rafts, practicing what is known as “the rapids”, which consists of rowing leaving from the Copalita River, where it depends on the safety and skill of those who are going to make the tour, it can be from the one classified as extreme sport, if it is done from the very high part of the river, going down little by little, until reaching the part of lower risk suitable for the whole family, which is under the Copalita River bridge, (most of tourists who like safety and protection, choose this less risky walk that begins on this bridge), towards the beach “La Bocana”, where in addition to having fun, they also recreate the pupil with incomparable natural settings, where there are also a diversity of bird species that seem to know their beauty,Well, they are accompanied by flying at the same time as your raft is advancing, so you can take advantage of so that some of your companions take photos of you for your social networks and your contacts can appreciate how beautiful this place is and the birds that accompanied you during the route perhaps, white or gray storks, diving ducks or yellow or different colored birds.

There is also horseback riding, in a tour that you can do on the seashore, having nearby ranches, such as Rancho Tangolunda, where all these options are offered, from the rental of rafts, such as horseback riding As well as for those who like more adventure, they can take the motorcycle tour through the jungle, but also the zip line, throwing you from one extreme to the other, while you see the rich vegetation that there is in the mountains.

In Bahías de Huatulco you can always do many things, eat while watching the horizon, have dinner watching the waves of the sea, and watching the stars. There are many simple things you can do in Bahías de Huatulco, but they are unforgettable moments.


Dorismar is very fond of our country, although much more of Oaxaca, she is already nationalized as a Mexican. She was born in Buenos Aires Argentina on August 14 and her real name is Dora Noemí Kerchen, she is a model, actress, television presenter, and singer. She participated in the American television program “Caliente” from 2000 to 2006.

She started working as a model in Argentina and in 2000 she moved to Miami, in that year she started working on the Univision network’s “El Gordo y la Flaca” program.

In 2002 the photographer and filmmaker Frank Klériga made his first calendar for him in the City of “Los Angeles” California. In March 2003, she appeared on the cover of the American edition of Playboy, as a member of The Most Beautiful Women of Latin TV.

Dorismar was also one of the first stars, who participated in the programs that were fashionable for some time: the reality shows, participating as the protagonist in the program “La Fama VIP”

In 2006 she arrived in Mexico, having been very well received on Televisa, where she has had great participation in countless programs in soap operas, in the program “La Parodia”, “Desmadrugados”, “Como dice el Said”, as well as participated in plays and television commercials.

In magazines, she has been part of many covers and special editions, such as the edition of TVyNovelas called “Piel de Estrellas”, in TvyNovelas and TVNotas, as well as various Play Boy magazines where she was considered a celebrity in various issues, having been She, was the host playmate in Huatulco, when the Playboy World Convention was held, with the presence of the owners of the 25 franchises of this brand, all over the world.

In her section of “Las Fantasías de Dorismar” that was broadcast on the Las Estrellas channel, most of these capsules were made in the Bays of Huatulco, where she was accompanied by many artists to make these capsules, taking advantage of the opportunity to promote the destiny of Bahías de Huatulco.

Likewise, several of the magazines where the cover was made were made along the entire coast of Oaxaca, such as the Laguna de Manialtepec, Puerto Escondido, El Río San Francisco in Santa María Tonameca, the Finca “El Pacífico” in Pluma Hidalgo, Bacocho beach and a number of places and beaches in the Huatulco Bays.

Dorismar currently undertakes the promotion of tourist places in Mexico, so Oaxaca is included in its promotion and what is even better is that they can ask you to go to your city, to promote all the beauties that exist there and that will pass through your youtube channel: Dorismar TV. 

So if you want to visit them, call the cell phone: 9585890183 for more details.

Very soon we will have Dorismar all over Oaxaca and around the Huatulco Bays, a place that is like her home, because very constantly she came in the past, but she wants to return and support us to promote with her image and recommending it to her hundreds of thousands. followers.


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