Justice demanded after abuse of inspectors and police in Guadalajara


The CEDHJ corroborates that a man was attacked by two policemen; In addition, his belongings were confiscated without granting him an infraction certificate

A man was walking through the garden of the San Sebastián temple, in the Analco neighborhood of Guadalajara, when he was intercepted by nine inspectors and two policemen. At the scene they made him open two suitcases that he carried with him and then confiscate his belongings.

During the search, the man received no further information on why his used footwear and cell phone accessories were seized. Nor did they give him his offense certificate to collect his belongings that were valued at four thousand pesos. Even the two policemen attacked him . One held him by the neck, while another twisted one of his arms.

Given the situation, the police and inspectors justified that the man remained hostile and aggressive during the review. However, the Jalisco State Human Rights Commission (CEDHJ) explained that it corroborated the fact through video surveillance cameras and found that the man suffered the violation of his right to legality, legal security and dignified treatment.

La defensoría solicita que, en caso de que alguno de los involucrados ya no trabaje en el área, se registre el antecedente de su conducta. EL INFORMADOR/ARCHIVO

For this reason, the ombudsman issued a recommendation to the municipal president of Guadalajara, Ismael del Toro, requesting that the damage to the victim be repaired. It also demands that the Citizen Comptroller’s office continue the procedure against the inspectors of the Directorate of Control of Commerce in the Public Highway.

In the event that any of those involved no longer work in the area, he emphasized that a copy of the recommendation should be added to the administrative-labor files, to leave their conduct that violates human rights as a precedent.

Source: informador.mx

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