Rare waterspout recorded in Lake Chapala


On the morning of Tuesday, August 4, a waterspout caused amazement among the inhabitants of the Chapala riverside.

The phenomenon is commonly known as “water snake”, and it was visible from different points such as: San Luis Soyatlán, Ajijic, Chapala, Jocotepec, and Juan Cosalá.

According to information from the National Water Commission (CONAGUA), it was at 8:30 am when the phenomenon formed in the vicinity of San Juan Cosalá.

CONAGUA also explained that waterspouts or water snakes are a tornado-like vortex or whirlpool, however, they originate on top of a body of water and are usually less intense than those that touch land.

They can measure from 50 meters to two kilometers in height and remain active between 2 and 20 minutes.

So far, no damage caused by this phenomenon has been reported.


The Mazatlan Post