Is there a serial killer loose in Guadalajara


They find another body of a woman inside her room in Zapopan

The discovery occurred at a home located at the intersection of the Coto and Paseo de la Estrella, in the Solares neighborhood; with her, it totals three women found in similar conditions

Zapopan Police reported this afternoon about the discovery of the body of a woman who was half-naked in her room.

The reports warned that in a home located at the intersection of the Coto and Paseo de la Estrella, in the Solares neighborhood, the woman was found dead.

Policemen came to the point, where they interviewed one of her relatives, who reported that when she went to the house to look for her, she found her lifeless. The young woman was found half-naked and lying on her stomach.

Her family member reported that she had not known about her for two days, which is why he tried to locate her at her home.

He also referred to the officers who on that farm shared the rent with two men, who were not found at the site and whose whereabouts are unknown so far. Although no traces of violence were found, investigations began under the protocol of femicide.

With it, there are at least three women found in similar conditions in the last month. The first victim was registered on May 13. The body of a young woman was found lifeless inside one of the rooms of her home, located in the Lomas de Zapopan neighborhood.

For this fact, her romantic partner was arrested days later and linked to the process by state authorities.

Thirteen days later, the body of another woman was found lying on the ground inside her home in the Providencia neighborhood, in Guadalajara. According to neighbors, on the morning of May 26, they heard the young woman and her partner arguing, and it was during the morning of that day that they found her lifeless.

According to statistics from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System, from January to April the murders of at least 80 women were recorded, of which only 18 could be classified as femicides.

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They also find two drums with human remains

Also in the municipality of Zapopan, two containers were located inside which were several human remains. The containers were found on the canal located at the intersection of Río Blanco and Bella Vista streets, in the Las Agujas neighborhood of this municipality.

For their extraction, the support of the Zapopan Fire Protection and Civil Protection Coordination was necessary, who when removing them from the canal made them available to the Public Ministry of the State Prosecutor’s Office and the Jalisciense Institute of Forensic Sciences. The first agency will be responsible for inquiries about the motive of what happened, while the second will perform the autopsy of the law.


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