Next Monday, the first phase of economic recovery begins in Jalisco


The industrial, trade and services sectors may resume some activities, as long as they do not generate crowds

The Jalisco government announced the start of Phase Zero of the reactivation of economic activities for Monday, May 18 in the industrial, trade, and services sectors.

If the indicators of COVID- 19 infections and deaths increase, social isolation could return.

They can open aesthetics by appointment, hotels, and motels without using common areas, nurseries, hardware stores, and neighborhood stores and shops that do not generate crowds. Establishments must have one customer for every seven square meters.

Squares and shopping malls will not open in this phase, nor will areas of sale of clothing, footwear, technology, or accessories. Gyms, spa centers, and sports clubs should be kept closed until the next phase. Bars, canteens, and nightclubs may not open either.

  • At least 12 municipalities of Jalisco will leave the confinement next Monday

In this phase, event rooms, casinos, recreational centers, spas, and the entertainment industry will remain unopened.

Services such as repairing electrical appliances and plumbing may be reactivated, as can businesses for paints, electrical equipment, electronic components, bookstores, household goods, sporting goods, fabrics, and haberdashery.

The opening of businesses with software development services, advertising agencies, accounting, marketing, and tax advice will be allowed, in addition to workshops for crafts, sewing, carpentry, blacksmithing, aluminum, glass, and computer repair.

Initiation of opening protocol for businesses that do not generate crowds of people such as car agencies, motorcycles, furniture stores, and the sale of household appliances.

Under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, public and private nurseries may be opened. Restaurants must maintain operations with 50 percent capacity, while banks and payment points for services must operate at maximum capacity to avoid lines.

Churches will be opened only for individual visits, it is not possible to celebrate masses, services, or celebrations, which are contemplated to resume in the next stage, once the temples establish sanitation measures.

“This phase may not last less than two weeks, it is a transition stage, gradually returning to economic activity and if the behavior of the virus required it, we could return to measures of social isolation,” warned the Governor of Jalisco.

In a video-recorded message, he warned that monitoring of the indicators of infections and deaths by COVID-19 will be maintained, which, if increased, would force the resumption of sanitary measures.

“We are not in a scenario of returning to the street, but where the return has to take place gradually, does not mean that everything returned to the way it was,” he emphasized.

He reported that the Economic Reactivation plan was approved and implies rigorous health protocols.

People from risk groups, those with diabetes, hypertension, chronic diseases should be kept in isolation and cannot return to economic activity.

In addition, companies must keep work at home.

“We are going to work in staggered schedules in companies or in economic activities so that we do not saturate the public transport that will be scheduled with each company,” said the state president.

Industries will need to test to prevent COVID-19 infections and their spread. Smaller companies will be supported by the Jalisco Radar test model.

The Governor of Jalisco announced that the economic reactivation phases will be subject to health indicators. It will not be able to exceed 50 percent of the hospital infrastructure and 80 percent of the facilities of the next stage must be ready.

He reported that the COVID-19 service areas remain at 10.8 percent of their capacity, in addition, it was established that the number of active cases should not exceed a thousand, otherwise, the reactivation will be reversed.

The mortality rate has a limit of 10 percent and today it is at 0.65, assured the Executive, who reiterated that the use of mouthguards is mandatory in Phase Zero and concentrations cannot be held in public places.


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