Cowards! 10 Gang Members Attack Minor Leaving Him in Critical Condition in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area


In the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, a minor is fighting for his life after being attacked by at least 10 gang members.

In the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, Jalisco, during the night of Sunday, May 19, and the early hours of Monday, May 20, various events occurred which Fuerza Informativa Azteca followed up on, from a minor attacked by a gang of 10 individuals to fatal accidents.

21:00 HOURS

In San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, aboard various private vehicles, three men and a woman arrived at the Cruz Verde, Marcos Montero facilities, having been shot in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood.

Two men and the woman had leg injuries, their health status was reported as stable; however, a man between 30 to 35 years old had multiple wounds on his body and was admitted to the shock cubicle.

Later, the doctors confirmed that the man who was reported in critical health condition had lost his life. Authorities remained tight-lipped about the events, which led to the case being taken over by the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office.

22:20 HOURS

Emergency units moved to the central lanes of the northern peripheral and Santa Esther street, in the Santa Margarita neighborhood of Zapopan, where a broken-down car caused the collision of two vehicles.

After the incident, the occupants of both vehicles got out, but a second accident ensued, resulting in a fatal outcome.

The truck that broke down in the central lanes, unfortunately, caused a collision of two vehicles, where the victim, who was trying to signal, unfortunately died after being run over.

The driver of the causing vehicle, after the incident, managed to flee. The fatal victim, approximately 25 years old, was pinned between the rear part of his vehicle. Zapopan police and road officers attended the emergency.

23:33 HOURS

An intense police mobilization focused on the facilities of the Cruz Verde Norte, in the municipality of Zapopan, after the arrival of a minor who was assaulted at the intersection of Paseo de las Limas and Paseo de los Castaños streets, in the Tabachines neighborhood.

The injured was admitted to the emergency room where doctors provided the first medical attention; he was classified in serious health condition.

The motive for the assault was apparently related to old feuds between gangs. Apparently, the attackers were a group of more than 10 individuals, of whom there are no clues.

According to preliminary information, the 15-year-old minor is reported in serious health condition, with an impact on the chest but also stab wounds on the neck and back.

02:40 HOURS

In Guadalajara, paramedics and road police responded to an emergency call on Isla Cozumel and Isla Pantenaria avenues, in the Cruz del Sur neighborhood, where a collision with injured people was reported.

Upon arrival, the units provided first aid to the drivers of both vehicles. The truck that was hit by a compact car ended up on the median, crashing against the steel base of a traffic light.

Shared data indicate that, despite the severity of the incident, both drivers only suffered contusions that did not require transfer to a medical facility.

According to witnesses, one of the drivers did not respect the red light, which caused the high-speed crash, and both vehicles were declared a total loss.

Source: TV Azteca