Gaby’s in Puerto Vallarta: Why is the restaurant-bar facing a lawsuit from Americans?


For over 30 years, this family business has grown and today not only offers dishes to visitors of the destination but also Mexican cooking classes.

Julio César Castillón has received support from the society of Puerto Vallarta after denouncing on social networks the attempt to close his business, Gaby’s restaurant, an establishment facing a lawsuit “just because we play Mexican music.”

After raising his voice in several videos published on TikTok, the chef shared the response of the Vallartans to these events that threaten his operation, which has been more than 30 years at the beach destination.

Here we tell you what you can find at Gaby’s and how much it costs to eat at this site located a few steps from the boardwalk of Puerto Vallarta.

What happened with Gaby’s Restaurant Bar?

According to Castillón, the American citizens who bought the land near his restaurant filed a lawsuit over the Mexican music that is usually played in his business.

They claim that supposedly the music is affecting their quality of life. Something that not only outrages the chef but also thousands of users who have heard his story.

“They sued us for affecting their quality of life as retirees here in Puerto Vallarta,” explains Castillón. “If you don’t like the noise of the roosters, the noise of the street vendors, the sound systems, the cylinder gas vendors, or even the Mexican music, what the hell are you doing here in Mexico?” he said.

The chef assures that he must defend his license against legal actions, to which he points out “they come to my country and one has to adapt […] if you come to Mexico you should know that our culture is color, is tradition, is dance.”

Where is Gaby’s restaurant bar?

Founded in 1989 by Cristina Pérez and César Castillón in a house in downtown Vallarta, the business grew until in 2010 their son Julio took over the place. As a professional chef, he committed to quality and service, making the place the best of traditional Mexican cuisine, according to its website.

The restaurant opens from Monday to Saturday starting at 1:00 PM, where you can enjoy from the most traditional food such as chicken with mole or stuffed chili to learning about the traditional cuisine of our country with classes on-site.

Gaby’s is located at Mina Street 252 corner Hidalgo, just two blocks from the Vallarta boardwalk.

How much does it cost to eat at Gaby’s?

According to information on their website, you can find soups and salads from 110 pesos, main dishes from 180 pesos, and specialties at 600 pesos.

There are also desserts, various drinks, and cocktails at different prices.

On the other hand, cooking classes have various costs starting from 950 pesos.

For reservations, you can write to [email protected] or for more information call the phones 322 222 0480 and 322 223 1100, as well as the website.

Source: Milenio