This is how the new section of the short route to Vallarta looks


The new section of the short route to Puerto Vallarta still has workers along its entire length, and according to images, there are still details to be fixed.

The Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transport (SICT) in its Nayarit delegation reported last Wednesday, March 27, that the Guadalajara – Puerto Vallarta short route section connecting Compostela with Las Varas was operational. As a result, the curvy section at the height of the Mesillas village on Federal Highway 200 can now be avoided on the journey.

How long does it take by the short route to Vallarta from Guadalajara?

From that moment, motorists traveling from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta can save a bit more time and reach the beach destination in about two and a half hours, although this implies an increase in the toll cost.

Authorities have recommended that motorists who are traveling for the first time take precautions, as it is a road unknown to most, as well as obey the signage and drive within the established speed limits.

Source: El Informador