Who would win the governorship of Jalisco if the elections were held today? This is what a survey says


If the elections in Jalisco were held today, this politician would be the next governor.

The electoral process continues, and the candidates maintain activities to convince the electorate to favor them with their vote. While it is known that the next President of the Republic will be elected, there is also anticipation for the replacement in mayoralties, members of the Executive Power, and nine states, leading to the question of who would be the winner in the state of Jalisco.

Currently, the so-called Pearl of the West is governed by Enrique Alfaro, a member of the Citizens’ Movement (MC) who a few months ago sought to appear on the electoral ballot for the Federal Executive Power. If the elections were held today, this would be the politician who would occupy the position in one of the country’s most popular demarcations.

The polling firm De Las Heras Demotecnia published this Wednesday, March 20, through social networks, the possible results of the elections in case they were held today. The candidates to succeed the MC politician are: Claudia Delgadillo (Let’s Keep Making History coalition); Laura Haro (Strength and Heart for Mexico) and Pablo Lemus of the orange party.

After the first debate among the candidates for the government of Jalisco, the survey highlights that the beneficiary at the polls would be the standard-bearer of the parties National Regeneration Movement (Morena), Labor Party (PT), and Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM).

To provide more details, the polling firm emphasized that the citizens who were questioned showed a 39 percent preference for the party founded by Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), followed by the Citizens’ Movement, which obtained a 20 percent preference in the vote. In that sense, the former mayor of Guadalajara would be in second place in electoral preference.

Regarding the parties that make up the Strength and Heart for Mexico alliance, in Jalisco, the National Action Party (PAN) accumulated a total of 8 percent of the vote preference, while the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) obtained 7 percent of the preference. As for the party of the Rising Sun, that is, the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), the preference was 1 percent. With such figures, Laura Haro is in the last place of preference among the inhabitants of Jalisco.

A relevant fact is that when asked which party they would not vote for in these elections, 34 percent chose the PRI and 16 percent Morena. Likewise, 11 percent of those surveyed said they still do not know who to vote for, while 4 percent of the citizens considered in the electoral roll simply emphasized that they have no preference for any of the candidates for the state government.

AMLO, Alfaro, and Sheinbaum were also evaluated

Since the June 2 elections are some of the most important at the national level, the polling house also asked citizens to evaluate the performance of the governor of Jalisco, as well as that of the president of the Republic.

In that tone, the president from Tabasco achieved, only in the state of Jalisco, 68 percent approval, while Alfaro concludes his administration with 33 percent.

At the federal level, the sample shows that Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, the standard-bearer of the Let’s Keep Making History alliance, would sweep the Pearl of the West with more than 20 points, so the former head of government of Mexico City would also win in the aforementioned entity.

Source: Infobae