Ferris Wheel in Guadalajara: costs, schedules, location and EVERYTHING you need to know


It is a completely free attraction that in a short time has become the favorite of tapatíos and tourists.

As part of the attractions installed in the Historic Center of Guadalajara that aim to make tapatíos, visitors and tourists of the city enjoy during this holiday season, there is a huge ferris wheel which is completely free and in a short time has become the favorite attraction.

The Ferris wheel is a huge structure with more than 30 meters high that once at the top you have a spectacular view of the first square of the Pearl Tapatía, which looks much more with all the Christmas ornaments, the colored lights and the rest of the attractions of the Festival Ilusionarte 2023.

Where is the Ferris wheel located?

Ferris wheel in Guadalajara is located a few meters from the Cathedral in the Historic Center of Guadalajara. On the Paseo Alcalde at the intersection of Pedro Moreno Street.

If you go on Line 3 of the Light Rail, it is very close to the Guadalajara Centro station.

What is the schedule of the Ferris wheel?

It is from Monday to Sunday from 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., it should be mentioned that it will be installed until January 6.

Who can ride the Ferris wheel?

Anyone, in the baskets fit 4 to 5 people, so they can go up as a family or with the group of friends.

What are the recommendations to ride the Ferris wheel?

Mainly patience, since the lines are long, and although it advances relatively fast, it can take up to an hour of waiting.

So already in the line and depending on the schedule it is recommended:

Wear comfortable clothes

Wear sunglasses, caps or umbrellas

Wear sunscreen

Stay hydrated

Source: Milenio