​ “Amal”, the giant refugee girl from Syria, arrived in Guadalajara


Amal, a 3.5 meter high puppet promoted by the UN to raise awareness about the difficulties of migrant refugees from war

This Tuesday, girls and boys from Guadalajara met Amal, a giant puppet from the United Nations (UN), which represents a 10-year-old Syrian girl, which aims to raise awareness among the population about the difficulties of migration for refugees from the war.

It is a 3.5 meter high doll, whose design is inspired by the popular Mexican mojigangas. Amal’s journey begins in Turkey, a place of refuge for thousands of Syrians since a war began in 2012.

In the morning, Amal visited Parque Alcalde and the Historic Center of Guadalajara, accompanied by mariachis and folk dancers, as well as hundreds of minors and her parents, who witnessed the dances, games and gestures of the puppet.

Amal is part of a giant staging, therefore, during the afternoon she went to the Cabañas Hospice and later knocked on the doors of the Cathedral in search of her mother, since her character symbolizes the challenges of children who are separated from their parents in his attempt to escape the war.

For tomorrow, November 15, Amal will visit the Cabañas esplanade again, while in the afternoon she will go to Plaza Juan Pablo II, in Zapopan, to finally return to Paseo Chapultepec around 7:00 p.m.

Source: El Informador