Why will some buses stop next Tuesday in Guadalajara?


A night of terror is approaching for transporters and passengers on October 31; we tell you the reason

There is a night in Guadalajara of true terror. Yes, scary for transporters and passengers. On October 31, during the celebration of the American holiday of Halloween,

Many trucks are subject to acts of vandalism by people who throw stones or other types of objects in an effort to damage the units.

This, of course, causes two things: public transportation stops running early, out of fear; and that users see their transfers affected.

These events have been carried out repeatedly for a long time in the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara during Halloween night, especially in eastern areas of the metropolis, and despite the efforts of the authorities to punish and prevent them, specifically to public transport units.

Given this criminal event, there are many transportation routes that stop circulating through the streets of Guadalajara on the afternoon of every October 31, to prevent darkness from protecting people who launch projectiles at the units to harm them.

Routes such as 629, 59A, C32, 645, 368 are some of the most damaged; which also contributes to the fact that the few that circulate do so full of passengers looking to get home after their work or school days. Other passengers must resort to taxi service or walk to reach their destination or use the Light Rail.

Traditionally, municipal police have also collaborated in providing support with patrols to bring citizens closer to their destinations, where buses no longer circulate. A true horror scene, worthy of “Halloween”.

Colonies such as El Bethel, Oblatos, Santa Cecilia, Postes Cuates, Huentitán, Rancho Nuevo, El Zalate and La Nogalera are red lights during Halloween, so the authorities deploy special surveillance operations during the night of October 31 and the early morning of November 1, in these neighborhoods, such as on public transportation, Macrobús and Light Rail lines.

Source: Publimetro