The hearts of Pueblos Magicos vandalized in Ajijic


Three hearts of magical towns exposed in the main square were damaged last week

The monumental heart of Pueblo Mágico that received the most damage was the one at Tlaquepaque. In the image you can see some of the paint lying on the support.

At least three days after their arrival, three monumental hearts of Pueblos Magicos, which are exhibited in the main square of Ajijic, were damaged.

According to municipal authorities, who vandalized the hearts, was a homeless woman who lives in the square. It was during the early hours of Monday, February 6.

The office manager, Maximiano Macías Arceo, reported that the woman was arrested, due to the damage to the painting of the heart of Ajijic, Tapalpa and Tlaquepaque, the latter being the most damaged.

The director of Tourism of Chapala, Griselda Alcántar Espinoza, informed that the corresponding restoration will be carried out to return them to the main square of the Magical Town.

Although the hearts were removed the following day, Tuesday February 7, until today, the sculptures had not yet been returned to their exhibition site.

Visitors who noticed the damage, pointed out the lack of care on the part of the authorities, as well as surveillance.

The monumental hearts of the nine Pueblos Magicos of Jalisco arrived last Thursday, February 2, and were placed around the main square of Ajijic for one month, to continue their journey to Tequila.

The hearts are accompanied by an exhibition of bottles from the “Guitarras de Media Noche” contest, which are intervened with the work of José Alfredo Jiménez at the Ajijic Cultural Center (CCA), located in the north area of the square.

Source: Semanario Laguna