Tortas Ahogadas: a gastronomic experience in Guadalajara, Mexico (VIDEO)


Be careful if you’re going to try the Tortas Ahogadas

All that walking around is sure to make you hungry. When in Guadalajara, you can’t miss out on the local favorite known as tortas ahogadas. The name literally means “drowned sandwiches,” and you’ll know why as soon as you see one.

These local specialties are typically made with Birote bread and chopped fried pork. The sandwich is then completely drenched in a sauce made primarily from dried chili peppers.

They’re then served up with some slices of white onion, radishes, and the typical array of salsas and hot sauces you’ll find on any Mexican table.

Grabbing one of these sandwiches is one of the best things to do in Guadalajara when you have a hangover — the locals consider it the best cure (and I have to say, I agree).

Source: Youtube

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