Mexican triumphs in Australia with its mobile store for grain products


Carolina Felton is a Mexican entrepreneur currently living in the city of Melbourne, Australia. For a long time, Caro, she had been visiting the grain bulk stores that were opening in the Australian city, however, she realized that buying in these places, despite being a sustainable alternative, was inconvenient and sometimes even complicated. So she got to work bringing an innovative business proposition to life.

Bulk products at home

Caro is the founder of Precycle Pantry, a mobile shop that brings grain bulk goods to the doorstep of Melbourne’s homes. Customers only have to place their order through the website, where they will find dozens of options ranging from nuts, coffee, and tea, to a wide variety of grains, seeds, cereals, pastas, oils, and cleaning products.

The Monopolitan

Customers who choose to place their order online will receive their purchases on Tuesday or Thursday of each week. Each dry product is delivered in biodegradable paper bags that serve as compost. Meanwhile, for liquid products such as oil or detergents, Caro uses returnable glass bottles.

However, what has most caught the attention of Precycle Pantry is “Pablo”, the truck that has a real bulk store on board ideal to serve you and your neighbors. To schedule a visit from Pablo to your neighborhood, you only need to coordinate with your friends and neighbors so that the van driven by Caro gets there. Yes indeed! Remember to bring your own jars and containers to pack your purchases.

The Monopolitan

Caro currently serves more than 15 Melbourne suburbs with her project. However, that is just the beginning, as the Mexican entrepreneur seeks to expand to more areas with a view to becoming the favorite “zero-waste” solution for Australians.

“My favourite thing about Precycle Pantry is bringing neighbours and communities together in our Refills and having great chats with our customers whilst helping them do their bit for the planet”

Our mission at Precycle Pantry is to help people live healthier, low-waste lives by making zero-waste shopping easy and convenient.

With Precycle Pantry you also have the option of shopping online. All of our dry products are delivered in compostable paper bags and our liquids in returnable glass jars or reused bottles. Order online here.

If you want to stock up your plastic-free pantry essentials with your own empty containers and bottles, please book Pablo our Van for FREE through our Home Refills page.


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