Dolphin corpse located in front of Playa Palmares


The corpse of a dolphin, which was adrift in front of Playa Palmares, was rescued by lifeguards and taken it to be buried on a beach near the area.

Regarding these facts, it was announced that elements of the Municipal Police received a report, regarding the fact that in the sea, in front of Playa Palmares, there was a body of a dolphin in a state of decomposition.

The agents passed the report to the Lifeguard personnel and those of the green patrol, who went to the place, where after finding it, they secured it to transfer it to Punta Negra Beach.

Over there; On the beach there was a person from the green patrol, biologists and environmental personnel, who took samples of the animal, to immediately proceed to bury it.

Source: Tribuna de la Bahia