AMLO increase of 35 pesos to the minimum wage in 2023 insufficient says labor lawyer and explains why


Jorge Sales Boyoli stated that there should be a minimum salary of 12,000 pesos a month (practically double the 6,223 that will be reached in January).

Even with the increase in the minimum wage announced this week, the purchasing power during the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador is comparable to what it was in the government of President Adolfo López Mateos, in the 1960s, said the lawyer specializing in labor law, Jorge Sales Boyoli.

In an interview, he pointed out that the average price of a food and non-food basket is 4,200 pesos for one person, so if two live in a house, the cost would amount to more than 8,000 pesos, so the recent increase in the minimum wage is insufficient.

Although he recognized that this increase of 35 pesos ” represents a small step in this long journey of salary recovery, which began in 2016, in the last three years of the Enrique Peña administration,” he said that in reality the increase is not 20%. as announced by the government, but in real terms it is 12% due to the current inflation that hits all prices.

“The minimum wage with the increase that was decreed yesterday has the same purchasing power that the salary had in 1962, with Adolfo López Mateos , so from that point of view, without a doubt, the path of salary recovery is missing” .

The lawyer added that “families are not made up of one person. We are going to be optimistic and we are going to think of a single-parent family, that is, a father, a mother and a son. That family needs 8,416 pesos a month to be able to meet the food and non-food basket. And the minimum wage, with everything and yesterday’s recovery, is not enough to buy two food and non-food baskets .

He even asked why the Secretary of Labor did not include the comparison of basic baskets in her presentation, but instead dedicated herself to breaking it down into only three products (beans, eggs and tortillas):

Sales Boyoli suggested that there should be a minimum wage of 12,000 pesos a month (practically double the 6,223 that will be reached in January) but accepted that this would not be possible, rather it is best that there be gradual increases.

The lawyer shared his own graph with Aristegui News where he measures purchasing power and compares the current situation with that of 1962:

Source: Jorge Sales Boyoli

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