Tiktoker witnessed the tragic moment in which a man drowned on a beach in Puerto Vallarta


The influencer urged her followers to respect the instructions and not expose themselves to risks at sea,

Although the beaches are usually places to rest and vacation, a tiktoker known as Tammy Parra narrated the distressing moment in which she witnessed how a young man drowned in Camarones Beach, located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. And, although the influencer initially believed that the man had been successfully rescued, she later found out that he had actually died.

The young woman, who has more than 6.4 million followers on TikTok, posted a video in which she told how the events happened and urged her fans to be careful and not put themselves at risk.

“I saw how a guy was drowning in the sea, I was here with my friends, when we saw that a lifeguard started screaming at the sea, super desperate and when we saw there was a little head going in and out of the sea. In other words, a person who was carried away by the current, ”she began to tell.

Likewise, Tammy mentioned that one of the lifeguards quickly took action and tried to swim toward the affected person, however, since he was far away, he was unable to approach him.

“The lifeguard threw himself into the sea, but he was really very far away and we saw that he did not arrive. In that we saw that the National Guard and several ambulances began to arrive and one of the people who had his jet ski lent himself to go and rescue him, ”she said.

The influencer pointed out that she managed to witness the moment in which the authorities rescued the man from the sea, but she could no longer confirm the situation in which she came out.

“Since I was very far away, I couldn’t see very well, but I was able to distinguish that they did take him out and they went to the corner, to the seashore and I had to go there and I didn’t know anything. I had taught them everything in my Instagram stories, but in that a follower told me this, she sent me this note”, he said after showing the news that the victim had died and added: “Obviously I am in shock from this event and it does make me sick because we saw it and although the coast guard, paramedics, and lifeguards moved in a matter of seconds, they were unable to save it,” he said.

Similarly, Tammy Parra took advantage of her recording to send an awareness message to her followers and asked them to heed the recommendations in order to avoid a misfortune.

@tammy.parra Sigo sin creerlo #puertovallarta #storytime ♬ sonido original – Tammy Parra

“I want to take the opportunity to tell you that you have a lot of respect for the beach, the waves really looked super calm but they dragged it. Also if you drank or have something involved, do not take risks, because there is a flag that indicates that there is a red flag and therefore you should not get involved and please pay attention to the indications because they are there for a reason, “he mentioned. Sometimes we believe that the rules are for suckers, but things do happen, really take care of yourselves.

What really happened to the young man

According to local media, the story told by the influencer is true, since last Thursday, September 15, it was reported that a 23-year-old man identified as Oscar Humberto and originally from the state of Hidalgo died on the Camarones beach after drowning in the sea​​.

According to unofficial reports, the events occurred around 4:00 p.m. when the authorities were informed that a body was floating in the sea in front of a hotel called Pescadores and the Mantos Beach Restaurant.

Stock photography where the strong waves are observed on the coast of Puerto Vallarta, state of Jalisco (Mexico).  EFE/Ulysses Ruiz Basurto
Strong waves are observed on the coast of Puerto Vallarta, state of Jalisco

As reported by Tammy Parra, emergency services and civil protection elements arrived at the site and were responsible for rescuing the subject. However, after taking him to the coast and after several minutes of giving him resuscitation, his death had to be confirmed by medical personnel.

Subsequently, the place was cordoned off and the agent of the Public Ministry was notified, who will be in charge of carrying out the corresponding inquiries.

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